President’s Report

Happy Thanksgiving. Yes it’s that time of year again, and I can think of no better day for us all to take time and reflect. A lot has happened and a lot is still happening, however, America is still the place most would like to live in. We all should take this month to truly appreciate what we have and to count our blessings and give Thanks. So on this Thanksgiving take a moment, appreciate the life we live and the give thanks for the sacrifices of those who came before to found and defend this country and those who shoulder that burden today.

What’s a MAD?

Well, it’s not a magazine, but rather it’s a funding mechanism that allows Scripps Ranch to maintain the wonderful community we all enjoy. A MAD is a special assessment district called a Maintenance Assessment District and it has the responsibility to maintain all our public open spaces. In Scripps Ranch we have two MADs, one which covers the “original” Scripps Ranch and one that covers the new Villages of Scripps Ranch. These special assessment districts collect funds from the homes and businesses located within their boundaries and use these funds to maintain the landscaping and open space located on public land within their boundary.

As with anything else in life the cost of this maintenance does increase and so does the assessment. Under most conditions the funds collected are adjusted by a cost of living index each year and this increase is sufficient to provide the maintenance required. However, there are times when the normal cost of living increases will not meet the costs of the required maintenance. When doe happen the City is required to notice the residents of the MAD in question and solicit their vote in support for a more significant increase in fees. If the funding increase is not authorized then the must curtail the level of maintenance to match the funding being collected.

From a preliminary review it appears that both Scripps Ranch MADs may need to increase their assessment above that provided by the cost of living factor. This condition exists in each MAD but for different reasons. In the “original” Scripps Ranch our fund reserves have been depleted due to increased maintenance costs of our trees, ponds and other areas. The reasons are many, the age of areas we maintain, the infestations to our trees, the usage of our open spaces and parks. Not to mention the increased cost of water, utilities, and upkeep of our older infrastructure. In the new Scripps Ranch Villages the increases seem to be driven by the increased landscaped areas that are being turned over to the City from the developers.

The two MADs have citizen committees that work with the City staff to insure that the community’s needs and desires are considered. In the next few weeks-months you will hear and read more information about these two MADs and the costs required for them to operate. It may be that we need to increase the funds, but if we do you will be informed about what the funds are planned for and you will have an opportunity to “have your say” and to participate in the process.

I would ask you all to listen, ask questions, and participate as you desire. I would also like to remind you all that whatever the amount is that the funds MUST be spend in direct support to the maintenance and management of the public land located within the MAD. No funds can or will be spent on anything other than projects within our community. Lastly, one of the questions we all must ask our selves is, “How much is it worth to maintain or enhance Scripps Ranch?” That is what the MADs do, they maintain our community to the standard we are willing to support.

Stay tuned in and as information becomes available we will put it on the Website, in the Newsletter, and if you are on the E-letter distribution of SRCA members you will be keep in the loop.

SRCA Recognition Night

Please take time to think about those folks in the community who have helped Scripps Ranch become the great place it is. If you know someone who has made a difference please take a moment to complete the Nomination Form on page 21, or simply send us a note or e-mail to [email protected] Let’s recognize these individuals who make a difference.

School Information

By the time you read this, the School District will have presented its Preliminary Report of the Additional environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the two alternative sites for the proposed Middle School. If you missed this meeting go to the SRCA website where you will find the information presented by the district.

On Wednesday, Nov. l4, at 7 pm a Schools Committee meeting for all residents will be held in the Library Auditorium. For more details, turn to the Committees section on page 23 of this Newsletter.

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