Go to College…at SRHS

For our Scripps Ranch High School column this year, four seniors share the writing duties. This allows the community to get “A Look Inside” SRHS and life as a teen in Scripps Ranch from different and unique perspectives. This month Tyler Tran looks at a way to start your college career while at SRHS. Tyler is a student-athlete, playing on the Varsity Men’s Soccer team. He also has played on the JV Tennis team. He is very involved in his church, serving as a youth group leader, and likes to hang out with his friends.


Have you thought about getting a head start on college while you’re still in high school? At Scripps Ranch High you can take college classes at school, which gives you an advantage when applying to, and entering, college. SRHS collaborates with Miramar College to bring courses to campus. The classes are taught by college professors, give you a weighted grade, and are good preparation for college.

Our school offers college math, English, business, and political science classes that are challenging but give students a taste of college life. These classes—for juniors and seniors—count as dual high school and college credit. Some universities accept the courses in lieu of actual classes, while others use them as elective credits. This could reduce the time—and cost—it takes to graduate from college.

Also when you take a college course, it shows universities to which you apply that you can handle the more rigorous academics of college-level classes. In addition, it starts your college transcript. The grades are reported to colleges separately from your high school courses.

I took college business classes during my junior year and am now taking a different business class in my senior year. The classes are very interesting because most of the professors have life experience in the field they are teaching.

The business classes for the first year are Introduction to Business and Marketing. For the second year the focus is on small businesses, and my teacher is a small business owner. He tells our class many things you need to do to successfully run a small business, as well as the things to avoid so your business does not fail.

In addition, he brings in other business owners as guest speakers. I learn so much from their presentations because they give different points of view. The class is challenging, but it is also fun and I learn so much. The homework load is manageable and applies to things I need to know as I enter the “real world.”

Many of my friends have taken a variety of these classes and have all had positive experiences. A lot of them say that the classes are the expected difficulty for a college course, with an acceptable amount of work. All of the professors I have heard about have been very good, with a high level of education and an awareness of the real-life aspects in all of the classes.

I recommend everyone who attends SRHS try to take at least one college class before graduating. There are so many benefits, and it gives you a chance to see what it’s like to attend college well before you actually go.

Tyler Tran, SRHS Senior