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The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) at its regular meeting on November 10, 2015, voted unanimously to recommend to the City of San Diego to adopt the recommendation and conditions approved by the Scripps Miramar Ranch Planning Committee on November 5, 2015. The SRCA is a volunteer town council and our organization has provided community residents a vehicle to provide input to the planning group but also to get information from the planning group to residents.

The Scripps Ranch community has worked with the applicant, city staff and residents (both in favor and against) the project for nearly five years. The SRCA made available the Draft Environmental Impact Report on our website but also sent out emails to nearly 7,000 residents asking for their comments and concerns. We also publish a 64 page monthly newsletter to 11,500 homes which includes every month updates from the planning group. In the newsletters, we have done articles, a centerfold feature, dialogue section (pro/con arguments) and front cover photos about The Glen.

The SRCA and both our planning groups strive to do our due diligence when making recommendations to decision makers like the planning commissioners and city council. To that end, we made effort to reach out to opponents to which the planning group included at least two conditions in its recommendation that the developer voluntarily agrees are acceptable. Specifically, reduction in Full Time Equivalents (Condition 1) and saving a healthy strand of trees (Condition 5). The other recommendations/conditions agreed to by the applicant were raised by residents via our due diligence and included by the planning group because they make the project better.

Recommendations/Conditions agreed to by the applicant with planning group as follows:

1. The Glen’s Full Time Equivalent (FTE) allocation of AIU CUP 133 is 550 as a result of the transfer of acreage to The Glen.

2. The two monument signs on the southeast and southwest corners of the Chabad Driveway will have the same style. The southeast sign should indicate both the Glen and the Chabad complex, while the southwest sign will indicate the Glen.

3. The street name of the current Chabad Center Driveway should be changed to “Campus Center Drive”.

4. The applicant should construct a sidewalk on the east side of the Chabad Driveway.

5. The Chabad Driveway should be widened so that vehicles turning right on Pomerado Road do not trip the left-lane sensor and activate the signal to stop traffic on Pomerado Road.

6. The applicant agrees to save or plant approximately 20 trees along Carroll Canyon Creek, relocate a drainage basin and reslope.

7. The Applicant agrees to maintain fire safety in the open space along Pomerado Road and Chabad Center Driveway.

8. The applicant agrees to work with the community for a pedestrian “Campus Trail” link from the Chabad Driveway through to Marshall Middle School.

9. As stated in the final EIR Section 4.2, the project will provide shuttles for routine resident trips to reduce peak hour traffic in the community, and will schedule employee work shifts outside peak hours to the maximum extent possible to reduce traffic impacts.


Bob Ilko, President
Scripps Ranch Civic Association


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