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The Watermark retail shopping complex is being proposed for the southeast corner of I-15 and Scripps Poway Parkway. The Mediterranean-style shopping center, office building, and hotel complex is being developed by Sudberry Properties that owns nine other retail centers in San Diego County. You can see the developer’s other projects at The Watermark project will be about 600,000 square feet of total space. The developer characterized the new center as being “high-end” retail space.

The property currently is zoned for light industrial/office, and the developer is asking for a rezone to regional commercial center. No residential uses are requested and would be prohibited if the rezoning is approved.
In the Scripps Ranch-Miramar Ranch North project, the proposal includes a movie theater, bowling alley, food market, restaurants, two levels of retail shopping, five-story parking structure, six-story office building, and a five-story hotel. The project has plans for heavily landscaped areas, a grand lawn, children’s play area, valet parking, and water features.

The existing MedImpact building and two yet-to-be-constructed MedImpact buildings are not included in the proposal, as the City has already approved the uses.

Vehicular access to and from the project includes a new added right turn in and out on Scripps Poway Parkway in addition to an entrance on Scripps Highlands Drive. The amount of new traffic, impacts, and mitigation measures will be made public in the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which the City has not released as of January 27, 2013. When it is released, you can follow the link below to find the document.

In the links below, you will find a site plan and architectural renderings of the project. As more documents are provided, we will make every effort to add them to the SRCA webpages.

Comments and questions should be sent to [email protected]. The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee is the lead advisory land-use committee to the City of San Diego. The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee meets typically the first Tuesday of the month beginning at 7 pm at the SRCA Community Center. Ultimately, the City Council will decide if the project is approved.

Visit Watermark’s Website

February SRCA Newsletter Article (PDF)

Watermark Site Plan (PDF)

Architectural Renderings (images):

Watermark 01

Watermark 03

Watermark 02

Watermark 04

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