Scripps Ranch: What a Nice Place to Live

I am always amazed and delighted when things happen so nicely here in Scripps Ranch. I had secured a ride to the SRCA Community Center, as I no longer drive except in emergencies. I thought there was a 4th of July Committee meeting but had forgotten the date was changed. So I was stranded without a cell phone and without a way to get back home. I went out to the corner near Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School and lifted my thumb in the old-fashioned way to thumb a ride, not knowing if today’s people recognize “hitchhiking.”

The very first SUV that came by stopped and a delightful resident named Julie asked if she could help me. I first asked did she recognize me, and she said, “Of course I recognize you, Bob Dingeman!” This made me feel real good, and I explained that I needed a ride to my home as the meeting was on another day. I said were I lived, which was out of her way.

Helping me load my walker into her car, she drove me right to my house. I was just overwhelmed with the kindness to this old soldier and her thanks to me for what I had done in the past in the military and in our community, Scripps Ranch. It was all so terrific and music to my ears.

Yes, the lesson learned is for me to check the schedule more carefully. To you residents of Scripps Ranch, please keep up your wonderful spirit. Thanks loads, Julie. You made my day!

June 2013—A Wonderful Month for the Dingemans

Gaye and I celebrated our 68th wedding anniversary on June 6, I celebrated my 91st birthday on June 12, then came Father’s Day. So it was a very eventful month. To you so kind to wish us many happy returns, our thanks. I have been blessed with the love of my life for all these years and am so grateful.

4th of July Celebrations

Hope you all have a fine and patriotic time with your friends and neighbors in celebrating the 4th of July with our parade and celebration in Hoyt Park. For more information on all the festivities, check out pages 40–41. It also includes a map of the parade route.

It is our chance to express our love of country and our hope for its future, despite what are some ominous threats to what we hold near and dear. Being patriotic and wishing the best for our country and all its citizens is still a noble thought. Let’s keep and work for it.

Fire Season is Upon Us!

As you have read in the paper and seen on TV, we have already had a spate of fires around the county—some have been rather large. It has been the rapid and effective action of our firefighters that have kept the fires contained. With high winds the danger is still acute, so if you have not done your share to clean out around your house, please do so now. The memory of the Cedar Fire is still vivid in our minds and its terrible destructive force.

Accident Results in Death of Dingeman School Student

It is with a great deal of sorrow that we heard about the accidental death of a 10-year-old Dingeman Elementary School student living with his family in the Ivy Hill neighborhood. Fourth grader Eric Klyaz was accidentally shot with a pistol in the garage. We send our condolences to his parents on their loss, as well as to the Dingeman family. Our thanks to all of the neighbors and citizens who stepped forward so quickly to help. That is the mark of our family community.

Water Plant Construction

I hope you have noticed the new fence installed and the landscaping on the reconstructed water processing plant on Scripps Lake Drive. This project was finally completed when we found the remaining funds budgeted for the project and replaced the chain link fence and plastic, which were eyesores. Sorry it took such a long time to get it done, but I guess it was worth the wait. We did not get all of the promised landscaping done, but what we got is fine and looks good.

Recently, I have received comments on the Miramar Lake entrance sign that “it is a very poor sign” and worse, “you cannot read it as you drive by.” Those of us on the Water Plant Task Force for years objected to the proposed sign and thought it was neither visible nor appropriate.

However, we were accused by the artist, who had already received a $40,000 grant for the sign, of not having an appreciation for modern public art. The water department went ahead and paid for the poor sign. Sorry.

I raise the issue because U-T San Diego had a front page article on the San Diego Port Authority budget requiring it to reduce its budget for the installation of appropriate art. I recall one of the Port District’s public art in the past that looked like an airplane had crashed into the ground and just the fuselage and parts of the wings were on the surface. It was removed after protest, but as I recall the artist was paid anyway.

School District Food Change

Trying to make an impact on reducing the large number of obese children in our schools, the school board voted to have Monday as a “meatless” or vegetarian day. I am sure this will come as a surprise to those children who like their hamburgers. Hope it helps, but it will require efforts from parents to have any lasting impact.

The New World

A senior was having trouble with his computer so he asked the 11-year-old computer whiz living next door to come over and check out why his computer was not working properly. The whiz tried a few things, punched a few proper buttons, and said it was an “ID 10 T” problem. So the senior asked for more particulars and the whiz said, “Write it out.” The senior did: “IDIOT.” So much for the kindly new generation of computer literates.

Senior Thoughts

Try to live your life to its fullest and do not postpone or put off doing things you like to do and need to do for a sense of accomplishment. Do them and enjoy the feeling of completeness.

Bob Dingeman