Thanks to Our Veterans

After the terrible losses of the trench warfare in World War I, our country decided to honor all veterans on Armistice Day, then changed it to Veterans Day. Over the years, it has been our American citizen soldiers who have defended our interests and preserved our precious freedom, many times at the cost of their most precious possession—their lives. When the veteran is lost, the family bears the burden of his or her absence. We survivors must recognize and honor them.

The annual Veterans Day Concert celebration is on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 7 pm at St. Gregory the Great Church, instead of the former venue, Scripps Ranch High School. For the 35th time, it will be my honor to say a few words of recognition and thanks to our veterans and their families on this special day. Everyone is welcome to hear the beautiful music presented by our community’s students.

World War II Veterans

There are very few World War II veterans still around. Frankly, I was very distressed to read about the blocking off of the War Memorial when some of the few survivors planned a visit there during the government shutdown. The veterans were initially greeted by barricades and denied entry, however, some lawmakers intervened and allowed them in.

Shutting down the memorial was even more disturbing as we veterans paid for the site with our contributions and no federal funds were used. So the Park Department blocking off its use was not only unheard of but unauthorized and a slap at us veterans and survivors. Nuff said.

Campaign for Mayor

Happy to read and hear the scope of the animated discussions and debates being held prior to electing our new mayor. We need for all residents to look at the issues raised and what each candidate says he will do about them. Our city’s problems are monumental in impact to all of us, and require the highest degree of skill and experience to address.

Each of us must listen, then choose the candidate who best fits our city’s needs and has the ability to restore our image as American’s Finest City. We should strive to elect someone who has good ideas for improving our way of life and able to plan for the city’s financial future. Then vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 19.

Fire Season is Still Here

Remember, fire season is not over. If you have not yet completed all of your family plans and arranged your property for safety, by all means, now is the time to do it. We often have warm spells, even in November, so let’s not get complacent.

Thanks and Kudos to SRCA Newsletter Editor and Staff

The October SRCA Newsletter commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Cedar Fire was a “keeper.” We offer our thanks to our editor, Gloria Tran, graphics editor, Victoria Mazelli, and everyone who contributed to the Special Edition. It is certainly one you should plan to keep, not only as a memento but also for the fantastic efforts by our community to meet the challenges after the fire.

Be sure to use the special evacuation booklet inserted into the Newsletter—as well as the other information—to help prepare for another firestorm.

Remembering the Cedar Fire

I hope you participated in and enjoyed the activities that were held to remember the fantastic efforts and successes of our community in meeting the challenges of the Cedar Fire. The SRCA sponsored two events—A Day of Community Service and an Anniversary Lunch. We hope you were able to take part.

Clean-Up Day a Real Success

SRCA vice president of community events Elissa Barber and I want to thank our local Kiwanis Club for its work to make Fall Clean-Up Day in October a great success. The Ranch looks so good! Also, thanks to Coldwell Banker and its staff for providing the shredding machine for residents to use. I had two boxes of old income tax files and bank records and welcomed the opportunity to dispose of them.

We also thank the Scripps Ranch High School cheerleaders for setting up the electronic recycling area at Marshall Middle School. When you recycle your electronics rather than throw them in the trash, you prevent contaminating the landfills. If you missed this event and have electronics you want to get rid of, go to [] for information on where you can do that.

Cleaning Out Curbs and Gutters

If you have not done it recently, now is the time to sweep out your gutters and clean them before the rains come.

Correcting Problems

If you have a sidewalk or street that needs to be fixed, email SRCA president Bob Ilko at [[email protected]] and our city council office’s Scripps Ranch rep, Tiffany Vinson at [[email protected]]. Be specific as to the location and problem that needs correcting.

Disposing of Unwanted Medications

The San Diego Police Department’s Northeastern Division, which covers Scripps Ranch, has set up a special collection site for unwanted medications. It is in the lobby of the police substation at 113396 Salmon River Road in Rancho Penasquitos, and it’s open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. For questions, please call the station at 538-8000.

You can take your unused, or no longer needed, medications and not throw them in the toilet and contaminate the water supply. It also prevents possible misuse by someone, with tragic results.

The following items can be dropped off:

  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Medication samples
  • Medications for pets

Needles, hazardous waste, thermometers, and personal care items are not accepted.

Drop off the medications in their original container, if possible, with the name of the medication on the bottle. Be sure to remove your name and any identification from the container. Thanks for protecting others and the environment.

Bob Dingeman