Honoring Veterans

I hope you all stopped for a moment of silence on Veterans Day as a way to say thank you to our servicemen and women and their families. Many of those who served gave their lives to preserve our freedoms. We also should remember those currently serving as members of our volunteer forces. May we continue to provide them with the means and support they need to do a very difficult job for all of us and for America.

Thanks, San Diego, for Veterans Day Parade

Thanks to the Midway Association as the major funding underwriter and the many elements of the city of San Diego for this year’s Veterans Day Parade—the best in years! The large and patriotic crowd welcomed the many veterans and thanked them for their service. We also hosted our elected officials and had a chance to thank them as well.

As I am sure San Diego has close to the largest veterans population of any city, it was nice to see such a good turnout. Thank you to Wes Danskin for taking me to this parade, as it is greatly appreciated. To my Brotherhood in Arms, continued good health and thanks.

Happy Birthday, Marines

We join our neighbors at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar to celebrate their 238th birthday. Our U.S. Marines have a special place in our American history for their devotion to America and their enthusiastic support of what we stand for. As a marine will tell you, “once a marine, always a marine.”

I have been reviewing old films and reports of the island hopping in World War II and the marines consistent bravery and triumph in the face of tremendous difficulties. May our marines continue to attract the volunteers they need to accomplish their missions in support of our freedoms.

Community Interests Abound—Be Alert and Act

There are a number of development issues facing our community, including the “big box” proposal. The SRCA and both of our planning groups are making a major effort to inform us of the proposals and their impact on Scripps Ranch.

We have our award-winning community plan as a guide for our planning and development and this is being followed. It is, however, up to you to stay informed and to attend the meetings and let your voice be heard. We are justly known as a hands-on and informed community.

In my 189 successful appearances over the years before the Planning Commission and City Council, our success is that we always know the issue, analyze the impacts, and come up with a “doable” solution both financially and environmentally, which the city could endorse. Stay informed, as this is your community to preserve what we have worked so hard to produce.

Be a Volunteer and Love It

One of the many things that has helped make Scripps Ranch such a wonderful family community is the action of resident volunteers doing their things for all of us. Going back to our earliest days we had volunteers step forward to help develop our open space and play fields, to serve on planning groups for development, to assist with our schools, and much more.

Equally important were those willing to spend their time supporting community actions and testifying before the city Planning Commission and City Council. Working together, we established a reputation for doing our homework and working with the city for the best results.

The need for volunteers with fresh ideas and enthusiasm is always there, so look around and you will find something you like and that will help make our community better. Try it and you will love it!

Cedar Fire Luncheon

What a delight and class act for our community to get together and remember the hard times and the wonderful work of our fantastic residents and volunteers who made up our Project Phoenix Committee. We truly “rose from the ashes,” and are a community that is bigger and better than before! Fire survivors helped change the insurance rules for rebuilding and set the stage for the future throughout the state.

It was so nice to see all of our “helpers,” including former councilmember and now state assembly member, Brian Maienschein, and his wonderful mother, Carol, and father, Gene, who helped us. Also, Brian’s chief of staff, Lance Witmondt, joined us. And then there were the residents who worked so hard to help rebuild our community. There are too many to name, but you know who you are.

So many people opened their hearts and homes to the survivors and helped in so many ways to recover. It was certainly our finest hour, and we can be proud of what we collectively accomplished. We also set the standards for the country to respond to destruction from fires and other disasters.

The threat of fire remains, so be careful. If you have not completed the fire evacuation brochure included in the October SRCA Newsletter, please do so. The lives you save could be your family’s.

SDPD Northeastern Division

Marvin Miles, Bob Ilko, and I—representing the Scripps Ranch-Mira Mesa Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) Foundation—were given a fine orientation of the administration and operations of the San Diego Police Department’s Northeastern Division and the assigned officers. We were quite impressed with the quality and scope of the police work done there and the results obtained for our safety.

Northeastern Division remains a low crime area, and we like it that way. We particularly appreciate the support rendered to our RSVP to serve Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa better. The RSVP serves as additional eyes and ears for the police. Our members do their patrols and report items via the police communication system for rapid results and enhanced coverage with minimum police officers available.

Happy Holidays to All!

I hope to see you at the Holiday Tree Lighting and Toys for Tots collection on Sunday, Dec. 15, at 4 pm at Jerabek Park. This community tradition is in its 33rd year, and it is hosted again by the Girl Scouts and the SRCA. See you there!

Bob Dingeman