Change of Police Chief

“Hale and farewell” to Chief William Lansdowne who did a remarkable job for the city and provided wonderful support for our community and our Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). He was always approachable, listened to comments, and acted on them if needed. His record speaks for itself. We extend to Chief Lansdowne our sincere thanks and appreciation for his service and wish him a long and happy retirement.

We welcome as our new chief Shelley Zimmerman, a Scripps Ranch resident! She had been the assistant chief and most visible and active participant in many of our community affairs, ranging from our 40th Anniversary Run/Walk on Pomerado Road to our parades and other activities, including helping the community in hundreds of ways after the Cedar Fire. Chief Zimmerman always listens and acts on our requests in a highly professional and cooperative manner. We wish her every success as chief of police.

New Mayor—Let’s Get to Work!

In other areas of the world, elections and change of officials is often the product of violence and destruction. In San Diego we peacefully elected a new mayor and he has assurances that all elected officials will work cooperatively with him based on his record of service on the Council.

The right to vote for the candidate of your choice is one of our most cherished rights and must be preserved. Unfortunately, some campaigns have been manipulated and influenced in the past.

These extra elections also seem to receive a better turnout. I personally feel strongly, as do most Americans, about casting a personal vote in the ballot box on Election Day for major elections, but see the advantages of the mail for the many special elections we seem to have.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer needs our support and guidance, as American’s finest city needs good leadership and well thought-out solutions that are truly nonpartisan in scope, not just in name.

Doing Your Share

One of the fine features of our community is the willingness of homeowners to see something that needs to be repaired and call the city for action. Mayor Faulconer has promised to address problems in the neighborhoods, but it is up to us to call them to the attention of our Council office.

They cannot all be addressed immediately but get the problems on record. We also will ask that the surface of Pomerado Road be checked and repaired before it gets worse. It seems the welcome rains always accelerate potholes. We can help the mayor keep his promise to repair our community streets and sidewalks.

Perseverance Wins in the End

Last year when I smelled gas fumes while walking on my sidewalk on Red Cedar Drive, I immediately called SDG&E. A crew came out quickly and drilled 10 holes then tore up two sections of the sidewalk to repair the gasline break they found. They refilled the hole and used a temporary asphalt patch. This is a sidewalk used by Miramar Ranch Elementary School students going to and from school, and I asked repeatedly to have it replaced.

Happy to say the SDG&E crew finally came out and marked the sidewalk to make sure no one drills in the wrong place and repaired it. Persistence pays off! The moral of the story is, of course, when you smell gas, report it immediately to SDG&E. That number is in our Help and Information section in the Directory at the end of the Newsletter. Then just keep calling them to get the sidewalk replaced.

What Makes Scripps Ranch Special?

In the twilight of my years, I have been pondering what we collectively have been able to accomplish that has made our home so special. My very first thought is that it has been the corps of splendid volunteers who have labored in countless meetings and efforts to bring about the best for all of us. Some of these volunteers have devoted not just years but decades to making and keeping our community the best. Many years ago, in 1980, we in the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) established an annual Recognition Night to honor volunteers and we still have it today. Please join us on Thursday, Apr. 24, at 6:30 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library.

Community Fair

Hope you will come out for the 15th Annual Community Fair on Sunday, May 18, at the Scripps Ranch Community Park. This event originated with Wes Danskin, long-term SRCA member and leader who wanted the entire Ranch to have a chance to get together for fun, displays, and fine food—a family time for all.

Scripps Ranch Tradition—4th of July Parade

Certainly one of the finest traditions we have, and what helps define us as a community, is our annual 4th of July Parade and Celebration. This is our opportunity to show both our love of America in a patriotic fashion and to share the experience with our neighbors in what is called the “Finest Patriotic Community 4th of July Parade in Southern California.”

Speaking from long experience since our first parade in 1970, our invited elected officials share our enthusiasm. The 4th of July Parade Committee chair this year is Ernie Burciaga. The committee is planning for a fabulous event for all, as usual.

In the past individual neighborhoods have prepared their own entries—a decorated car or truck, float, walking unit, or whatever! So think of how you would like to show your pride in your neighborhood and your patriotism. The parade entry application is on the SRCA website at []. Remember, it is your community parade. Join the festivities! I remember one family who dressed as clowns and walked their dog in the parade and had a ball doing it!

Support of School Fundraisers

All of our schools conduct fundraisers to provide funds for our children for the best possible education. Put on your calendars to attend Dingeman Elementary School’s World Fair and Carnival on Sunday, Apr. 27, from 11 am to 4 pm at the school. See you there!

Bob Dingeman