Something Special for the 4th of July

For years our 4th of July Parade was led by our Marine Corps Color Guard and the old-fashioned steam calliope. The sound of the calliope echoed through our community and brought back many fond memories. Years ago, we also had the Wells Fargo Bank stagecoach present, but since it has not taken part in many years, our children lost this touch with history.

Ernie Burciaga, this year’s 4th of July Committee chair, has contacted Wells Fargo Bank, and we hope we can have their stagecoach again after an absence of 15 years. It will be a real treat for those children who have never seen a real stagecoach up close. Also, be sure to get with your neighbors and have your own entry and be a part of the finest 4th of July patriotic parade in Southern California.

Election Day—June 3

You will see many political signs springing up on lawns throughout the Ranch, reminding you to select your candidate and vote. Remember, a sign can only be displayed on your property with your permission, and then removed after the election. Cast your vote—it’s one of the most precious American rights. Remember, Tuesday, June 3, is Election Day, so be sure to vote!

Scripps Ranch at its Best…Again

We recently experienced some of the highest velocity wind gusts on record. This caused many branches from our signature trees to break off and many fell into streets throughout our community.

Two of our intrepid women saw that Turret Drive was blocked from fallen branches. They took their chain saws and made short work of cutting up the branches and clearing the road. Wow! That is real community effort. Thanks, ladies, for showing us the spirit of Scripps Ranch!

Recognition Night—Wow, What an Evening!

As I have reported so many times over the years, one of my most treasured nights of the year is the Annual SRCA Recognition Night. It’s when we honor the wonderful volunteers who make our community so special by their efforts.

This Newsletter highlights the awards on pages 19–27. When you see those honored at our sports fields, schools, or at Vons or Starbucks, please take a moment to thank them for all they do to keep Scripps Ranch a special place for all of us.

A Day to Remember

We just celebrated Memorial Day, but what is its meaning and what are we remembering? After the devastating loss of Union and Confederate soldiers’ lives in the Civil War, the Grand Army of the Republic decided to have a special day to honor the dead on both sides in a special day, where the graves would be decorated with flags and flowers.

Why do we remember? It is the 1.2 million men and women who have given their precious lives for our freedom in 62 military actions in the past 239 years. These are men and women who died defending our country and its freedoms. It is only by our remembrance in parades and ceremonies that their sacrifice is honored. It’s not just a long weekend but a true “memorial” day to remember these heroes.

Our many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, some disabled, have joined those honored ranks. On that special day, I hope you said a prayer for these Americans— and their families—who defended our freedom. Let us vow to protect and preserve those attributes that have made our country great and defend our heritage.

Making Our Home Sparkle

Thanks to all of you who helped during spring Clean-Up Day, a great time to collect debris and clean out our homes, open spaces, and streets. It is your pride in our appearance that makes a difference and makes Scripps Ranch the cleanest community in San Diego. Special thanks to: Elissa Barber, SRCA VP of community events; the Kiwanis Club; the Poway-Scripps Rotary; and, all other volunteers.

It was back in 1976 that Joyce Urban and I started “I Love a Clean San Diego” and community Clean-Up Days. I’m happy to say that they still are going strong.

A special thanks as well goes to all our friends at Coldwell Banker. Each year they set up and facilitate the Community Garage Sale, one of our most popular events. That way we can ensure that usable items are not discarded but used again.

What is Pomerado Terrace on Pomerado Road?

This development off Scripps Ranch Boulevard is top-notch housing for U.S. Navy and Marine enlisted families. It was the former site of the U.S. Navy firefighting school training area. When we began to develop Scripps Ranch, the United States International University (USIU), which then occupied the ground above the site, used it for storage and other purposes and wanted to retain it.

Paula O’quita and I met with the U.S. Navy. They were looking for land on which to create more greatly needed family housing for young enlisted families, and we suggested this site. It was eagerly sought as it was still Navy land and they immediately put out a contract for it. Unfortunately, the contractor did not talk to the families as to what was needed, and, of course, we in Scripps Ranch wanted it to be consistent with our community.

With the cooperation of Navy engineers, we formed a special committee and went over the plans and revised the layout to include multiple parking spaces, play areas with equipment, garbage racks in containers, and such. We also changed the floor plan to provide easy access to laundry facilities. All in all, the Navy and contractor cooperated with our committee and we created the fine housing area for our enlisted families. We also arranged for the children to attend area schools.

The interesting thing was what to name it. As it was part of Scripps Ranch, we needed something appropriate. I suggested “Pomerado Terrace,” which was quickly adopted. This is another fine example of the community working together under the SRCA umbrella to achieve positive results for the present and future.

Bob Dingeman