New Scripps Ranch Librarian

We welcome Trevor Jones as our new Scripps Ranch branch librarian. He comes to us from a similar position in the North University community. Prior to that, he was a branch manager in the New York City library system. Our library has been a community gathering place since its grand opening, and it plays a key role in many cultural and civic actions. We look forward to working with Trevor to enhance and expand the already fine programs at our library.

New Traffic Devices Installed

The city installed three more solar-powered speed warning devices on our streets where we traditionally have had speeding. These remind you of your speed and, hopefully, get you to slow down. The new locations are: two on Scripps Lake Drive and one on Forestview Lane.

This comes just at the end of the school year for most of our students, when they joyfully stream out of our schools and sometimes into the streets. We all need to drive more carefully.

Has It Really Been 20 Years?

The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee held a reception prior to its June meeting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Miramar Ranch North community. Former members, like me and Wes Danskin, met some of the present members. It was a joy to meet all the old members and remember the good times when we helped shape the development of this part of Scripps Ranch. It continues in the fine tradition of family living and incorporates the features that make us such a very special community.

Councilmember Mark Kersey presented a city proclamation for the occasion. Thanks. To all of the residents and developers who labored so successfully over the years in our community planning process, we send out best wishes and sincere thanks for your wonderful efforts.

Fire Safety…Take Care

We remind you to take special care to prevent any fires in our area. Remember, things are bone dry and a small fire can quickly spread and strain our firefighting crews’ potential to control it. Do your part.

We were lucky for the effective response in May with the fire near Hoyt Park. It was scary and could have spread without the rapid action of fire crews. Thanks!

New Vocabulary Word: Intergenerational

This means the older and younger generations get together and exchange ideas and lessons of life in a positive manner. Scripps Ranch has a wealth of talent amongst our 50+, and even 80+, seniors. This new program includes gardening, an exchange of ideas, and reading—you name it!—between seniors, who have talent and experiences to share, and our youth, who have energy and new ideas.

I remember one of the most memorable experiences of my teen years was when I visited my grandmother, who was crippled with arthritis. She told me about her experiences moving her family from Pennsylvania to Iowa—yes, the window manufacturing place founded by Dingeman families—to join the rest of the Dingeman clan who fled religious persecution in Holland. They used a small buckboard wagon drawn by a strange team of an ox and a small mule. The trip took weeks and you can imagine the hardships. That visit and the existing Great Depression helped shape my character, ethos, and way of life.

In Scripps Ranch our seniors are active in all phases of our community. Now, ElderHelp and its new Concierge Club have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Scripps Ranch Civic Association and SR 50 Plus to expand the opportunities for these valuable exchanges.

The Concierge Club helps with rides to appointments or shopping, support at home, and assistance in many other way for less cost than most agencies. You can reach them at [[email protected]] or 619-284-9281. The SRCA is finding ways to help seniors who love living in Scripps Ranch and want to stay in their homes as long as possible, and trying to hold the cost down.

Medical Care of Our Veterans

I am sure all of you share the concern that we old veterans have of the breakdown of care, compassion, and dedication in some parts of the Veterans Administration system, which was designed to honor and take care of our veterans. The veterans apparently needing help and failing to get it are numerous.

The VA system needs to be thoroughly examined, revised, and improved to meet the present veteran workload. Those guilty of medical neglect should, of course, be eliminated and punished. This will take time, dedication, skill, and goodwill, and will not happen overnight, even with the resignation of the VA secretary. It goes well beyond one man and one VA hospital.

I have been reading about and viewing the D-Day operations and the valor of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen. It is still beyond description that they accomplished a deadly landing and made the world safer for all of us, many at the cost of their lives.

Water Treatment Plant

I hope you have noticed that all the new fencing and planned landscaping are installed at our water treatment plant on Scripps Lake Drive. It looks great! As is true of so many things on the Ranch, we formed an advisory group with the city and contractor and met for eight years to discuss the design of the expanded water treatment plant, which is now complete. The plant is producing ozone-treated drinking water for the city, as scheduled, to meet our increased demands for it.

Happy Days for Gaye and Me

My beloved wife, Gaye, and I were happy to celebrate our 69th wedding anniversary on June 6. Gaye is my childhood sweetheart and the love of my life. We were married at West Point when I graduated in 1945. Gaye has blessed my life and often had to raise our children when I was away fighting wars and dealing with the bad guys. I love you, my sweetie pie!

Gaye and I also celebrated my 92nd birthday on June 12. We count our many blessings and thank the good Lord for our loving family and wonderful friends in Scripps Ranch, as well as our church and those who are so kind to us old folks.

Bob Dingeman