Happy Birthday, America!

Wow…what a wonderful community in which we live! Gaye and I were asked to be grand marshals of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s 4th of July Parade. We were pleased and honored to ride in the parade and wave at all of you wonderful people (below). It is a striking thing to see all the families sitting and standing on the curbs for the parade. It is America at its family best! In fact, all of our invited guests comment on the terrific reception they receive and the participation of so many residents in the community parade. Thank you for all the wonderful remarks to Gaye and me. It warmed our hearts.

Nostalgia and Gratitude

Please allow me to wax a bit nostalgic about the 4th of July Parade, a Scripps Ranch tradition. First, I want to thank the 4th of July Committee chair, Ernie Burciaga. He and his incredible committee faced some real obstacles and yet pulled off a fantastic event again. Thanks so much to: Jany Staley, Elissa Barber, Brian Allman, Cathy Burciaga, Gary Clark, Jan Kane, Jany Staley, Lorayne Witte Burley, Mark Schecter, Nils Persson, René Buck, Ruben Suzara, Victoria Mazelli, and Bob Ilko. Also thanks to Jon Fernau for setting up the audio system for the parade.

History: Just think…238 years ago 54 men in Colonial America signed, at the cost of their lives and honor, our Declaration of Independence and then worked on our Constitution. Our Constitution still remains the greatest democratic effort in government to date, and well worth fighting to preserve.

Stagecoach Returns: A most welcome sight for this year’s parade was the return of the Wells Fargo four-horse drawn stagecoach (above). For years it was a feature of all of our early parades, along with the Hazard family’s old-fashioned steam calliope. The sound of that calliope brought back many memories of our youth in America and our old-fashioned parades. Many of today’s children have never seen a stagecoach from our country’s rustic days.

Thanks, Mark: We are especially grateful this year for the allocation from Councilmember Mark Kersey’s community funds to help underwrite the costs of our 4th of July Parade and Festivities. The day and age when the Dingeman family paid all of the modest costs for our parade are long gone, especially with the city fees and costs now required for an event, including insurance and traffic control.

Hoyt Park Celebration: When everyone says the Pledge of Allegiance and sings the national anthem, it’s always a stirring and wonderful part of our holiday celebration. God bless America and God bless Scripps Ranch and San Diego.

Thanks a Heap: To all of you who were so nice to take the time and come up and thank me for my service to our country and to making Scripps Ranch such a wonderful community, you made my day a very happy one!

Fire Danger—Be Careful!

Nothing needs to remind us of the still existing danger from fierce fires than the latest one in Julian, which recently destroyed two homes. By all means, take care and watch for any fires in our severe drought conditions.

Welcome to Scripps Ranch

Yanni’s Bistro has moved to Scripps Ranch. While they were close neighbors—in Poway, bordering our community—now they are officially in Scripps Ranch! Over the years, we could count on Yanni’s to support our many school fundraising activities and provide excellent food for many community events. Yanni’s was honored recently by the State Assembly for its community involvement. Visit them at their new location at 12015 Scripps Highlands Drive, between the Springhill Suites and Residence Inn. We wish them success at their new site.

Thanks for the Well Wishes

Yes, I looked technicolor recently. It seems my right leg “sorta collapsed” in the kitchen when I was away from my “wheels,” sorry to say. I fell forward and hit the edge of the granite countertop of the kitchen island and got a real bruise on my forehead. Blood, of course, turned into two black eyes and my face had a technicolor look. Happy to say, there was no real damage but a word of warning to seniors: you must always be careful and try not to make mistakes. Happy that it wasn’t worse for me. It missed my eye.

Wonderful friend John Taylor drove me to the emergency room at midnight. Lessons learned that as a senior you can do the wrong things and not be aware you are being careless, so be doubly careful. Interesting note, as we checked in at the ER, the emergency technician recognized me and announced he was a graduate of Dingeman Elementary School. Wow!

Bob Dingeman