School Starts…Be Careful

It’s time for school! Please remember that children have been on vacation and may be out of the habit of being careful when going to and from school. Also, many parents need to get back in the safe driving habit around our schools. Take care. Remember that a child was struck and her leg broken in a crosswalk outside Miramar Ranch Elementary School last school year, despite crossing guards in place. We were lucky the child was not more seriously hurt.

And it’s not just parents who need to drive carefully near our schools. Whether or not you have a child in our schools, please demonstrate extra caution when you drive in school zones, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. Drive slowly, don’t use your cell phone, and don’t text and drive when you are near children. Police randomly patrol around our schools, especially at the beginning of the school year.

Help Our Schools

This is also the time of year when our schools conduct their drives for donations to supplement their budgets. Each school foundation will ask parents to donate what they are able. The money helps provide needed facilities, programs, and supplies that have made our schools so special and that make our Scripps Ranch educational experience the best.

Cut Back Your Hedges

This is the time of year to ensure that your hedges and plantings do not intrude so far into the sidewalk that pedestrians need to make detours into the street. This is especially true as children walk to school. So if the plants need to be trimmed, now is the time. Thanks!

Water Conservation

We were all delighted to see the rains this summer, which dampened things. Yes, it spotted our cars but remember, we are in a drought with mandatory conditions. Also, if you have not adjusted your lawn and plant watering schedule, do so as the water we save now we can have for later.

The city again is looking at our storm water system to help save water. I hope more use can be made of our recycled water rather than simply dumping it in the ocean as we do now.

Prepare for Fires

Hope you all had a chance to attend the Wildfire Preparedness Forum last month to help get your family ready for any firestorms we may experience. I guess one of the most important things to know is the available exit routes from the Ranch, when so many would flee their homes and travel through Scripps Ranch to evacuate.

Take the time now and use the excellent fire evacuation handbook we included in the October 2013 SRCA Newsletter. It will help you plan your escape, as well as prepare what you need to take if you are ordered to evacuate. Also, be sure to include provisions for your pets. Keep it simple and easy to pick up and move, as you will be in a hurry. Watch for police and follow instructions as the roads will be a mess for sure.

National Night Out a Success

I hope you all participated in National Night Out in August. As part of our SRCA Neighborhood Watch program, many neighborhoods in Scripps Ranch took part. It is such a dramatic way to demonstrate our community presence, our support for police, and, of course, our willingness to stop crime. I was not able to tour my neighborhood as in past years, as even walking on sidewalks with my walker is a bit dicey at night. So I simply opened my garage door, left the lights on, and watched the cars go by and said “howdy” to people passing by.

I was reminded by a neighbor that our Neighborhood Watch roster needed to be updated and redistributed as there have been changes in residents, cars, and license numbers. Just a reminder for all of you. I must admit I share the concern of many at the breaking of windows to gain entrance to and rob our homes. Our vigilance and attention to detail will pay off in helping deter future crimes.

SR Boy and Girl Scouts

Our congratulations go to all the boy and girl scouts for their fantastic summer activity programs with lots of adventure and advancements for all. Scripps Ranch is noted for our terrific programs in both these fine organizations. We have some of the largest enrollment in the city, and the encouragement for the scouts in doing these things is that they benefit others.

Treatment of Our Veterans

Apparently both sides of Congress are willing to try to work out the needed changes in the leadership and operation of our Veterans Administration system and pass the legislation and the funding required. This must include the punishment of those individuals who not only permitted such neglect but apparently financially rewarded each other for it. It will take time to correct, so keep your veterans in mind as this sorts out at last.

Here We Go Again

I am both a longtime dog owner and dog lover, as are many Ranch residents. With our nice weather, our dogs get a lot of walks around our neighborhoods. Sorry to say, many times they leave “messages” on people’s lawns, which are not welcome.

By all means, always carry a plastic bag to pick up the droppings and take them back to your own garbage can. Also, taking your pet into the open spaces and leaving the poop is not good for the land and befouls the space.

Scripps Ranch: A Lot Going On!

In the August SRCA Newsletter, editor Gloria Tran asked everyone to read the entire issue for information and knowledge of Scripps Ranch and our life together! Frankly, I read through each Newsletter twice, as I am amazed—and I think you will be too—at the scope and diversity of the reports from the organizations, sports leagues, Scouts, schools, and much more. What a fabulous community!

If you did not get a chance to read last month’s issue and recycled it, I have copies in the rack in front of my house that you could pick up. Gloria and her editorial staff include so much information that is focused specifically on Scripps Ranch.

Bob Dingeman