City Pothole Repairs Underway

I hope you noticed the city’s special pothole repair truck in our area filling up potholes in our streets. It appears to be a well-trained crew who makes the proper preparations before adding and then impacting the asphalt so we have a lasting repair that will not be pulled out in a week by passing traffic.

It is a relatively unending task caused by lots of traffic and damages, accelerated whenever it rains. It is up to us to report potholes, and you can do that at [].

Saving Water

Just got our water bill and found—as perhaps you did—an unwelcome increase in costs despite a substantial drop in usage. This means we went over our usage. We checked our timers and made sure they were with the program of conservation. And we made sure we had no leaks. The message remains: conserve water.

Great Start to School Year

The first day of school is always a special day for the children and the schools, where all planning and preparations are geared to a smooth entry for all. I’m happy to say there were no traffic accidents and all schools reported things went well. I am proud to say they usually go smoothly in our well-run schools.

Thanks to all you drivers who were so careful. I’m happy traffic was safe for all—now let’s keep it that way and be alert at all times when driving near our schools.

Just a reminder that all our schools need your donated funds to help provide essential, but often missing, items due to financial reasons. These educational elements are important for the continuing superior achievement by our students.

A Bit of History Found

I was clearing out some old files in my garage and I came on a box marked “Jerabek School.” I found the initial American flag flown over the campus when it was first dedicated and became a National Honor School. I also found another brand new California state flag from the governor that I will present to the Jerabek principal for the school’s use.

Sorry, I have not been able to find another $40,000 flagpole donor to replace the one that broke off in Jerabek Park during a wind storm. The bank that donated the pole was taken over by another bank. If you would like to see the flags waving again in Jerabek Park, let’s get another pole donated and use it for events again.

Happy Labor Day

We tend to forget that it was the fruit of the collective work of laborers and workers that made America great. By the sweat of their brows and the skill of their hands it brought miracles for all the world to see of what our wonderful country could do.

So on Labor Day, I hope you remembered the labor force, which is much smaller today. In fact, only about 3.5% of our 300 million potential workers have jobs compared to 1960 when 11% of the 180 million potential workers were laborers. We say bless all who labor for us. You help make America a great country.

September 2—A Special Day

With all of the special days we now celebrate, September 2, 1945 is often overlooked, yet it is a special day for us veterans. That is the day the Japanese government signed the unconditional surrender ending the Pacific War after nuclear weapons were detonated at Hiroshima and Nagasaki ending the war.

The planned invasion of the Japanese Islands was cancelled, which saved an estimated one million American soldiers and sailors who could have been killed in terrible close combat along with millions of Japanese civilians and soldiers.

The end of the war hit really close to home for me as I was one of 900 second lieutenants assembled and designated to replace the lieutenants killed in the first day of the war in the invasion. For me and my friends, it was without doubt the most welcome news.

Special Day for Grandparents

Did you know September 8 is officially Grandparents Day in the United States? It is another special day for grandparents but does not carry with it a national holiday—just much thanks and love, of course, to our grandparents.

I remember our first granddaughter’s birth and how casual our son and his wife were in handling this precious small human who I was afraid to pick up for fear I would hurt or drop her. I found she was a very active child and my fears were for naught, as she loved to be picked up and held over my head. Great memories!

She is now the mother of our four great-grandchildren and still does her work as a doctor. She is a wonderful woman and we are so proud of her.

Bob Dingeman