SRHS Honored Again…Wow!

Our award-winning Scripps Ranch High School has just announced it has achieved the high honor of reaching the 900 mark in its Academic Performance Index (API). The school has the second highest score of any public comprehensive high school in San Diego County!

This singular achievement is a true indication of the fantastic job principal Ann Menna and her faculty and staff are doing for the students, and what you parents are doing to support this educational effort. It also means that the students did their best when taking the tests. We are so proud of our high school and send our congratulations and thanks for the singular honor bestowed on them and on our home, Scripps Ranch.

For the record we are proud to remind you that all Scripps Ranch elementary schools, as well as Marshall Middle School, have APIs well above the 900 mark and are also among the highest in the county. For specific numbers, check out the article on page 23. Our Ranch schools continue to excel.

Fire Season is Here-Take Care

With the shortage of rain, everything has dried out and we face the prospects and, I guess, the realities of experiencing some major fire fuel-fed incidents. So take care and if you have not already done so, make sure your property is as fire safe as you can make it and any accumulated fuels have been removed. The home you save may be yours or your neighbor’s.

Scripps Ranch: Pioneers in Solar Array Installation

Mayor Jerry Sanders announced in mid-October that the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center has been outfitted with its own solar array and battery storage. It now provides about $2,000 worth of electricity each month. This is a federal government-supported project to ensure communities have a firm emergency electricity supply in the event of a major fire or disaster. It will serve as a model for other communities. Again, Scripps Ranch is chosen to lead the way.

Holiday Tree Lighting

Mark your calendars for our Holiday Tree Lighting celebration. The fabulous annual Christmas tree lighting and the Marine Corps Toys for Tots collection date has been changed to accommodate the Jerabek Elementary School schedule. This is the annual joint SRCA and Scripps Ranch Girl Scout-sponsored celebration that is in its 27th year and is always a big success.

  • Date: Sunday, Dec. 9
  • Time: 4:30 pm
  • Location: Jerabek Park
Hope to see you there!

35th Annual Clean-Up Day Held

We want to thank and compliment our local Kiwanis Club for again sponsoring our 35th Annual Clean-Up Day and all you residents who helped make our home sparkle. We filled no less than five dumpsters provided by EDCO during the course of the event.

On the same day Coldwell Banker arranged for paper shredding at its location, and SRHS arranged for electronic recycling to preserve our landfill. All in all, the usual fine Ranch effort.

Trim Bushes…Clean Gutters

From time to time we have reminded you to trim back any of your bushes and trees or vegetation that might block our children’s pathways going to and from school. Now is the time to check this and take time to sweep out your gutters.

Have You Donated to the SRCA Yet?

If you have not yet donated to the SRCA, please join your neighbors and become part of the community efforts to ensure we continue to live in the finest family community in San Diego. Visit [].

Remembering Our History

I am pleased to be able to remember a lot of American history. Having taught American history for years to prospective new citizens, I researched the facts of our history and what made us great. I eliminated lots of what some so-called historians wrote. These individuals, and there are many, wrote their "view of history." Too often it was biased, as we see in today’s political campaigns. So look for the truth and facts, not fiction and conjectures.

Remember 9/11

This leads to the main point I wanted to make and that is we must remember the 9/11 attacks and who did what to us. We must keep our guard up. The death of four Americans in the attack on the embassy in Libya really brings home that we need to get the facts now coming out. America would have mounted an immediate response to this sort of violation of American sovereignty.

In diplomacy when we establish an embassy it becomes American territory. The host country is supposed to preserve and secure it from harm, not participate in the attacks. Once the gates are down it stimulates additional atrocities, unfortunately. The lesson is we do not lower our security and guard or we lose big time.

Facts Not Fiction

As we are in the throes of a presidential election in which obscene amounts of money are being raised and spent, so we are being deluged with flyers, mailers, handouts, and TV ads. Unfortunately, many of these bear no resemblance to fact and many are pure fabrications.

So do your best to sort out the facts and take most of the campaign literature and rhetoric in stride. Make up your mind as to who and what is best in your view for our country and, of course, vote.

Bob Dingeman