What a Joy to Live in SR

One night at about 8 pm, a very nice young man riding his bike by our house came up to our front door and rang the bell. He told us we had left our garage door open and reminded us to close it. Certainly, only in Scripps Ranch do we have such wonderful things happen with neighbors spontaneously helping. Thanks a heap, and it’s a reminder to close and lock your garage doors, as well as the side doors that lead into the garage. Do not make it easy for criminals.

Did You Join the SRCA in 2015?

I talked to our county representative, Supervisor Dave Roberts, and he reminded us that the county and other governmental agencies rely on community organizations—such as the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA)—to communicate our needs and wishes to them.

Dave, along with our council member, Mark Kersey, are very responsive to the SRCA. Of course, we work to come up with “doable solutions.” We thank them for their assistance. So if your neighborhood has a need, contact us. And we want to remind you to join the SRCA for 2015! Just go to www.scrippsranch.org/join.

Opportunity for Seniors

If you are 50 years or older and have a valid driver’s license, you are welcome to join our Scripps-Mesa Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). We organized this group 20 years ago following the example of Rancho Bernardo. Our seniors devote literally thousands of hours to be the eyes and ears of the San Diego Police Department in our area. The vehicles patrol both communities and we are always looking for more volunteers to do the job.

Marv Miles has been our president and primary fundraiser for the past 20 years. Give Jim Schulte a call at 538-8120 if you are interested. The RSVP really does a wonderful job for our community!

Collecting Items for Veterans

The local veterans support organization schedules pick up of useful items, including clothes and furniture. They advertise their pick-up dates and when they are on the Ranch. The clothing is especially needed for homeless vets, so please plan to set out your donations for a good cause. Keep an eye on your mailbox for the flyers that announce the dates.

SR and Our Open Spaces

Back in 1978 when we started to develop our award-winning community plan, we made sure that the city identified and designated as open space our many wooded canyons and playing fields and exempted them from development. However, it meant we shared in the maintenance expenses. We now have lots of open space, parks, and play fields as a consequence.

We were blessed for years with a fantastic devoted Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) manager, Layton Galloway, who ensured we always got our money’s worth. We also made sure our expenses were controlled, so your taxes remained as small as possible and still provided the play fields we desired for our many sports programs, as well as our open spaces including our trees, of course.

When the Miramar Ranch North (MRN) area came online, it established its own MAD, following the same principles on management and taxes. Marc Sorensen handles the MAD and Eileen Rodriguez is our manager now and does a fine job.

Enjoying Family Time

Gaye and I had a really wonderful family time when our son flew down from Alaska to help us around the house. Then our oldest granddaughter, Koren, her husband, Greg, and their four children, came for an all too short visit. Our four great grandchildren are doing so well, and we are so proud of them and their progress. Both Koren and Greg are full-time doctors in Texas and still have time to raise their four kids so well. It is always a joy to see them and spend family time together.

As Gaye and I did not feel physically up to flying to Austin to spend Christmas with them, this was a wonderful late Christmas present for us. Our son, Dr. Bob Dingeman, is a retired orthopedic surgeon—it makes you feel old to have a “child” eligible for Social Security! He has been a real joy, getting many things done for us around the house that we could not do and that need to be done.

Our dog, Ernie, has been in seventh heaven with Bob throwing him the ball in the backyard. However, when the great grandchildren came, we elected to place him in the kennel, as he is so protective of the house and family, and we did not want any problems.

In keeping with past practices, all the children when to Hoyt Park and played. This is something that has become a tradition of sorts, dating back so many years when we all trooped over to the playground at Miramar Ranch Elementary School—wonderful family memories!

When we were visiting the Birch Aquarium, a young man came up to me and asked if I was Bob Dingeman. When I replied, “Yes,” he said, “I am a graduate of Dingeman Elementary School. It’s a wonderful school!” What a fantastic thing to happen, and it brought a real feeling of pleasure to this old soldier.

From the aquarium we were able to look at the beach where we had surfed so many times when the grandchildren were growing up. La Jolla beach was our favorite spot to swim, boogie board, and jog.

Thanks for letting me share our memories and special times with all of you in the Scripps Ranch tradition of families visiting and playing together.

Kudos to Fire Station 37

When my great grandchildren were visiting, our son called Fire Station 37 and arranged to take the children for a visit to our community pride and joy, Engine Company 37. The crew demonstrated the equipment and even allowed them to take a short ride outside and back and, of course, to sound the horn and siren.

To say the least, the children, as well as Dr. Dingeman and our granddaughter, were most impressed with the personnel and equipment. Thanks, firefighters! We really appreciate all of your efforts and even allowing our 4-year-old to use the firefighting hose on the plants!

Bob Dingeman