What a Fabulous Community!

I am still basking in the sheer wonder of our fabulous volunteers and what they do for our community and the pleasure of another SRCA Recognition Night. Our thanks to the event chair, Vince Petrucci, those who helped make this a fine affair, and all who recommended the volunteers we honored. This is just another Scripps Ranch tradition that we started in 1978. We wanted to thank our planning group members and SRCA officers for all the work they were doing to get our Community Plan completed and approved so we could start out our development right.

We had a fairly small group of dedicated people we thanked, with Rick Parke as emcee for several years, followed by Marc Sorensen. Our wonderful volunteer Dorothy Mildice ran the program for years and still provides invaluable help today.

I think what is most impressive to all is the large number of dedicated volunteers who work consistently for so many years to make our home—Scripps Ranch—so special. Many people volunteer for 10, 15, 22, and 34 years, unheard of in our times.

For example, we have the largest Girl Scout enrollment in the city. Our many Boy Scout troops have a fantastic number of Eagle Scouts. We have thousands of young people enrolled in organized sports. Our Little League and soccer teams have won championship titles. Their coaches and parents make it all possible.

When I heard the thanks for all our school supporters, I swelled with pride on what our schools and parents have accomplished in making Scripps Ranch such a fine place for academic achievement and athletic prowess. Please check out the special section in this Newsletter highlighting the event. It’s a fantastic record for sure!

We want to thank our elected officials who were present and for making the awards for our program. We are indeed a special community and we thank County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Councilmember Mark Kersey, School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser, Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, and Congressman Scott Peters. Congratulations go to Victoria Mazelli as Citizen of the Year. She has been a faithful volunteer for 24 years, including her special efforts with our library.

Old Friend Visits the Ranch

Twenty-five years ago a small group of Scripps Ranch residents gathered to plan for a new library, which would be unique and useful as a community center. Our librarian at the time, Nancy Assaf, participated in the planning to ensure the library would serve its purpose—and it does.

When we found we could not use the old Meanley family ranch house as a community center, it made our planning doubly important. One of the main workers who helped salvage and recondition the artifacts from the Meanley ranch house you see in the library was Karen Kissane. She labored diligently to “rescue” the screens and rehabilitate them for display.

Katie Sullivan, the prime mover in getting our new downtown library, came by with Karen to see Gaye and me. This gave me the opportunity to present Karen with the SRCA Community Service pin for all her fine work. A belated thanks a heap!

Blessed Rain—Still Conserve

Certainly, the cold spell and consistent hard rains in late February and early March were a real blessing for our vegetation and plantings. Our signature eucalyptus trees already show the benefits. It also meant we did not have to water or irrigate for a bit and we saved water—a real benefit. I collected three barrels of rainwater and could have collected more but could not move the filled barrels.

I am sure you share the concern for water conservation, as we are still in a drought. We could have used several feet of the snow that hit the Northeast in our Sierras. The name of the game is still to conserve water for tomorrow’s use.

Bob Dingeman