Drought and Increased Water Conservation

As expected the governor finally announced what is a more far-reaching and restrictive program to conserve our precious water for use. If you are not already turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers, now is the time to start. Things are bound to get even more restrictive and tough. Ones we will adopt immediately are some sprinkler measures for our grass area for sports, with the new timers with lower watering levels.

I guess we can say, “The water you and I conserve today, hopefully, we will have to use when needed on another day.”

Farewell to a Ranch Institution

Pernicano’s Restaurant, a Scripps Ranch institution, has closed its doors and moved to a new location. It’s now at 9932 Mercy Road, just across the freeway. You can’t miss it.

This is a larger restaurant in size and capacity from what was here. Larry Pernicano says he hopes you all plan to continue to patronize them. The Pernicano family, as homeowners and residents, has been one of the consistent contributors and faithful supporters of many Ranch activities since they moved here in 1977, including the SRCA 4th of July Parade, schools, sports, and much more.

Larry is also honored as one of the most successful soccer coaches of our girls soccer teams, including the Scripps Ranch High School Falcons. They have excelled under his dedication and tutelage over the years. In fact, he continues to produce and coach award-winning teams of our young ladies. Although the restaurant is moving, Larry indicated he will continue to coach the soccer teams.

Scripps Ranch: A Heart for Pets

A very nice female tabby cat wandered into our yard to the consternation of our dog, Ernie, and calmly went into the garage and made herself at home on a towel. Our son, Dr. Bob Dingeman Jr., called Animal Control and they advised they don’t come out and pick up animals but that we could take her there. We could not, as we did not have a carrier.

Our son then called several other places and located “Paw Prints, Tracer of Missing Pets” and veteran Rene. He said he would be by that evening to pick up the tabby and advertise to try to find the owner. He called back to advise she had a microchip and was registered with a veterinary office and he would follow up with the owner.


Forty-two years ago the terrible ordeal suffered by our shot down airmen in Vietnam imprisoned in the Hilton prison came to a close. They were finally released and came home to a grateful nation. Despite repeated torture and starvation for years, they maintained their spirit and resolve and set a standard for all of America for patriotism and love of country.

Colonel George “Bud” Day was one of the prisoners for five years and seven months. Despite horrible treatment he prevailed and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery and sacrifice. He died in 2013 and is a symbol of patriotism for all.

America and Our All-Volunteer Armed Forces

One thing about being an old, retired, and disabled soldier is that people still come up and ask about our armed forces. Like most combat soldiers, I loathe to talk about the horrors of combat and the death of friends, except with other combat soldiers who shared the same things.

The specific question asked is how I think our country’s armed forces capabilities are after so many financial cuts. My frank answer was that our country is in a very precarious position compared to what we were as to capability and numbers. We have seen dramatic cuts in strength, equipment, and combat units. In dealing with the armed forces, we use three words to determine what is needed: capability, capacity, and readiness. These are time-honored criteria but I sincerely doubt any of them may be appropriate for us today.

So keep in mind our citizen soldiers, sailors, and air personnel serving our beloved country. Honor them with your support and appreciation. Thanks.

Bob Dingeman