What a Fabulous Day

The Dingeman family sincerely thanks all who joined us in June to help celebrate Gaye and my 70th wedding anniversary. The wonderful caterers of “Sweet Affaire”—Shannon Alatorre, Sandy Price, Debbie Cerrone, and Paula Tilley—prepared and served delicious food, including the wedding cake on which we placed the original figurine from our wedding at West Point in 1945. It is a cherished memento that I saved over these many years and many moves in the service.

We used my father’s old army saber to cut the first piece of cake, in army tradition. We had used Gaye’s father’s saber to cut the cake in 1945, although he was serving overseas at the time as was my father. My son, Dr. Bob, came from Alaska to join us at the event, and the saber now passes to him from the Dingeman family of U.S. Army colonels with more than 150 years of service to this country.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Janet Ilko, who patiently worked for hours with us to develop a beautiful video of our long and active life. She set the pictures to music and gave us this incredible gift.

Also thanks to Mary Drummond, who prepared and sent out the invitations, and to Gloria Tran who arranged for KUSI-TV to cover the party. They talked with Gaye and me about our long marriage, and when it was broadcast that evening, it was good family news from Scripps Ranch.

We were pleased and honored by the presence of my good friend, Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, our City Council member Mark Kersey, and our county supervisor Dave Roberts. It was a cherished event made even more special by all the thanks and good wishes from you wonderful friends. God bless you all.

Thanks a Heap

Just a few days after our anniversary, I celebrated my birthday. I never thought as I went through my many war “experiences” in my 34 years of service that I would survive as a soldier. With the Lord’s help, I did. And with my wife’s help and good surgery I was able to reach the ripe old age of 93 years on June 12.

Most importantly, in retirement I have been able to accomplish so many things I wanted to do for the community as a labor of love, including volunteer work at Dingeman Elementary School and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. I cannot express in words just how wonderful it was to hear from so many of you for a happy birthday.

Hale and Farewell

We bid farewell, with all our sincere thanks, to Tiffany Vinson, our 17th Council District 5 community representative in 39 years. She has been unstinting in providing support and assistance to Scripps Ranch for the last four years. We wish her well in her new position with the city’s Office of Homeland Security.

We will still see Tiffany, as she moved into Scripps Ranch! She also volunteered to be an SRCA district representative.

We welcome our 18th Council representative, Alex Vivona, who can be reached at 619-236-6655 or [email protected] Welcome, Alex, to the finest family community in San Diego. We look forward to working with you.

Dealing With the Drought

Scripps Ranch has a number of beautiful parks and open space that use water, such as Hoyt Park. The city is making sure it complies with the new water restrictions. We get water from the San Diego County Water Authority, and officials there say there should be enough for this year because they invested in reliable water supplies. The investments also should offset most of the reduction in supplies for the 2016 fiscal year. But to make sure we have enough water, use must be reduced by 12% to 36%.

“With the state’s mandatory water-use reductions, the Water Authority will store more water for next year in local reservoirs, including the newly enlarged San Vicente Reservoir,” said Mark Weston, Water Authority chair. “This approach will provide significant benefits for our region— especially if the drought continues into a fifth consecutive year.”

We applaud residents who didn’t just let their front yards die but took steps to use drought-tolerant plants and materials. We know of a family who recently purchased a home in Scripps Ranch and found out they had a $700 water bill! Happy to report they are finishing up new landscaping and saving a lot of water.

Bob Dingeman