Veterans Day

Veterans Day is very special for all of us in America. We stop in our busy lives and say a prayer and thanks to the men and women who have given their lives preserving our precious freedoms. As an old beat-up soldier, I am always overwhelmed on this date as I remember friends and others who I served with and commanded who were killed in combat.

I love to see the ceremonies honoring veterans and those including the families who must bear the burden of their loss. Our “new” Miramar National Cemetery at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar is beautiful and already has the remains of veterans and their wives.

On Veterans Day say a prayer for veterans and their families. I like to use words often seen at cemeteries to honor our fallen heroes: For you who pass by, remember, for your tomorrow, we gave today.

A Very Special Flag

I wanted something very special for Veterans Day—Wednesday, Nov. 11—so I contacted units in the famous 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. It furnished many troops for the war in Afghanistan. The soldiers kindly sent me the slightly worn and signed flag that had proudly flown over their base for several deployments. I passed the flag to Dingeman Elementary School to display on Veterans Day and then be kept as a special- occasion flag for my school.

I am fiercely proud of what these men and women citizen soldiers have done for our country. I feel so honored they would share their flag with Scripps Ranch.

As a young man before going to fight in the Korean War, I trained with personnel from the 10th Mountain Division in warfare and learned to climb mountains and ski at Camp Hale in Colorado. The 10th Mountain Division had a fabulous fighting record in World War II in Italy and retained this reputation in Afghanistan.

Our Signature Sign is Back

In the 1970s we decided we needed nice signs at the entrances to our community. We raised $40,000 and had two wonderful redwood signs carved with our “Country Living” theme and logo. We put one in the Business Park and the other on Pomerado Road. We even worked a deal to have the one on Pomerado lit for awhile.

After many years both signs showed their age. The Business Park sign was removed and the Pomerado Road sign taken down and put into “protective repair custody.” A massive rebuild project was undertaken by Greg Pavlicek and his family, who lovingly restored it to its former glory. It now graces Pomerado Road (above) as you drive into our community. Thanks, folks, for your fantastic service.

Blessed Rain

Once again we were blessed with a gentle steady rain that saturated everything. I was able to refill all three of my rain barrels. Just remember not to let them be mosquito breeding containers. If you do not have your rain barrels, please check out the Sustainable Scripps Ranch articles on page 9 for more information, including rebates available.

Are You a Music Lover?

Here is your wonderful opportunity to relieve the golden age of melody in World War II with Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and others. I found my record collection of that era in the garage and would love to have someone who enjoys the old days to take the records. Of course, they are 78 rpm, so you need something old-fashioned in today’s world—a record player!

I have loved the records like “strings of pearls,” but my disability in my hands makes handling them chancy at best. Also, my loss of hearing is real even for my own music. If you are interested or know someone who collects old records and enjoys them, email me at [email protected] A professional DJ providing music for parties might find these very worthwhile and valuable as certainly one of a kind but perhaps not as pure sound after 70 years.

Bob Dingeman