Merry Christmas to All

May all of you have a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year filled with good things for all despite the world and national conditions. It will be our individual efforts that will make the difference, so do your thing as a contributing citizen of the finest country in the world–America.

Holiday Tree Lighting

The SCRA and Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts present our annual Holiday Tree Lighting celebration and song festival in Jerabek Park. Come enjoy a fabulous community tradition.

  • Date: Sunday, Dec. 16
  • Time: 4 pm
  • Place: Jerabek Park

There will be songs of all faiths and hot chocolate and goodies provided by the Girl Scouts. The Boy Scouts will help Santa collect toys for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots program. We traditionally provide a truckload of toys for children, so come enjoy the family fun and bring your unwrapped toy.

Lee and Kim Witham again are our Scout hosts and leaders. Your Scripps Ranch Civic Association and Maintenance Assessment District provide the Christmas tree lights.

SCRA Bob Dingeman Scholarship Winners

One of the greatest pleasures I receive as a community activist is to interview the outstanding young men and women who are graduating this year from Scripps Ranch High School and to select the winners for the SRCA Bob Dingeman Scholarship for Community Service. Congratulations to Alvin Hui, Keilani Sakamoto, and Sarah Shaffer.

Elissa Barber and the principal of Jerabek Elementary School, Paul Gilroy, joined me in making the selections. We congratulate the winners, who will receive their scholarships at the SRHS Senior Awards Night in June.

School Success

I sent Superintendent Bill Kowba copies of our November SRCA Newsletter containing the compliments to our school cluster principals and teachers for their splendid work with our students, and, of course, the fine efforts of the students to achieve the magic 900 Academic Performance Index (API) scores. Our high school was the latest entry into the “900 Club,” which is rare for high schools.

With all the problems the district faces, the superintendent needs some good news, and certainly the Scripps Ranch school cluster is just that. I also urged him to take personal note of this achievement with the principals and faculty with a “pat on the back.”

2012 Election

Well we made it with no riots in the streets, no cities and facilities destroyed, and those wanting to vote able to do so and express their opinion. When you think of the billions of dollars spent on campaigns and what those funds could buy–say just for schools–you wonder whether we need to change our system.

You can now devote the time to make sure those elected do a good job. The massive war chests at times can make candidates self-satisfied and self-centered in many ways. This could lessen responsiveness to citizen input, however, your efforts help make it work.

Pet Owners Alert

The professional veterinary office in the “new” Vons shopping center closed its doors at the end of October. Pet owners can get their pets’ records at the office temporarily or have them transferred to another agency. This was the office that Dr. Patricia Teague ran and took such wonderful care of our pets–Taffy, Rudy, Roady, and Ernie–for us. We thank the doctors and staff for their years of service to Scripps Ranch and our pet population. They supervised their care until the end, and we are grateful.

Keep Saving Water

I have been asked by the city to remind all residents to use discretion in watering lawns as much as possible during the coming months. With your help and cooperation, we have a substantial amount in the reservoirs, but with little rain and lots of users, it goes fast.

My Memoirs

The memoirs of Bob Dingeman, citizen soldier and community leader in peace and war are in progress. At the suggestion of Kathy Randall, our senior advocate, I embarked with a court reporter to recall and chronicle my very long, busy, and productive life. A labor of love, it turned into a real effort, and my auto accident and serious injuries interrupted it. But, frankly, I am sure that doing it helped in my cognitive recovery.

We will reproduce it for my great grandchildren and grandchildren and, of course, the Dingeman Elementary School library and for my extended family. There are no “blood and guts,” although I lived through a lot. Over the years I purposefully blotted them from my memory and recall and concentrated on the achievements–it has helped.

Happy Birthday, USMC

We helped the Marines of MCAS Miramar celebrate their birthday in November with the traditional cutting of the cake by veterans. It was a very moving and appreciated patriotic event in these times when duty and service to our country needs to be recognized and honored. Semper Fi!

Traffic Calming

Gaye and I have started our walking rehab with slow walking with our walkers on the sidewalk at the corner of Red Cedar and Aviary Drives. We are having an amazing calming effect on the traffic, where we see about a 90% non-compliance with the stop sign. Good!

Bob Dingeman