Wow…A Lot of Rain!

For a short while we were able to say we did not have a water shortage and instead had a lot of flooding. I put an open container on our patio and collected no less than 3.8 inches of rainwater from just two days. For only the second time in the almost 40 years we have lived here, our backyard was flooded until it drained.

I checked Aviary Drive during several of the downpours and it was a sheet of water, and the large storm drain through Hoyt Park ran full tilt. My only thought as I saw all the rain and flooded streets on TV was that I wish we had reservoirs to collect this precious water for later use.

I suggest you can do as we did and shut off your automatic sprinklers during storms. I hope none of you suffered flood damage and are back to normal, ready for the next El Niño storm. From all indications, Scripps Ranch emerged with relatively little damage, but remember the ground is so soft that a tree can become uprooted and fall with just a little wind.

I remember vividly one storm when we had no less than 14 trees blown down in our community. Residents with their own chain saws came out and cleared some streets as the city crews were elsewhere on emergency runs. We cleared the roads and the city picked up the cuttings.

Join Your Civic Association

It is membership time for the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). Please join your fellow residents and become a member of your SRCA. Then on the membership form, indicate the community action areas in which you believe you can make a contribution and join the marvelous volunteers who make Scripps Ranch so special. Just go to It will be one of your most worthwhile investments of 2016!

Old Scripps Ranch Streetlights

For both recent and longtime residents of my favorite community—obviously, Scripps Ranch!—here is another vignette concerning our signature old-fashioned streetlamps. They add a special look to our streets and grace our community logo.

If you drive through the old part of the Ranch, you are greeted by a soft amber glow from square streetlights, which are a far cry from the modern tall diffuser streetlights we have elsewhere. We had a great deal of trouble finding replacement lenses when they broke. The city had to get plastic replacements.

We also asked the developer to secure and stockpile some replacement lamp bases just in case. Sure enough, we had two of them become the victims of errant car crashes and were replaced. We don’t have any more spares, so drive safely.

Bob Dingeman