After the Storm

Hope you all enjoyed the sights and sounds of our recent hard rains, which helped ease our drought a bit. I admit I love to hear the rain but do not like to be wet constantly like we were in the early days of the Korean War—in the mud all the time with monsoon rains keeping us wet.

In addition to the rain, the strong winds blew down trees and tree limbs. Three homes were slightly damaged by trees, but, most importantly, no one was hurt. My daughter drove me to Dingeman Elementary School so I could see what happened. I was pleasantly surprised that there was little damage and not much was blown down by the high winds.

The point was raised again that if you have not checked your emergency supplies, be sure to do so. With the projected El Niño storms, strong rain and wind can knock out electricity. Be sure you have food, water, batteries, a portable radio, and so forth. These supplies also would be needed in the event of an earthquake.

Sorry to say, but the supplies in my home were out of date and needed to be replaced. We bought new water, as well as a water purification kit in case we run out of bottled water.

Unfortunately in Scripps Ranch, we also need an evacuation plan in case of another fire. It’s a good time to review that with your family to be sure everyone knows what to take and where to meet, if you are not all at home. The Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared,” applies, as the life you save may be your own.

Volunteers: Our Pride and Joy

The SRCA holds its Annual Recognition Night on Tuesday, Apr. 5, at 6:30 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library. Please consider this your personal invitation to attend and honor our community volunteers.

The SRCA started this program in 1980 to say thank you to our volunteers. It includes the selection of the “Citizen of the Year,” as well as awards from our city, state, and Congressional officials. Be sure to come honor these wonderful people who make our Ranch so special!

Spring Clean-Up Day is Coming

As one city official said of Scripps Ranch, “It is the cleanest and best kept neighborhood in the city.” This is because we take pride in our homes and their appearance, as well as our open spaces and parks. Do your part at your home and area, and recycle items you do not need.

So you could plan ahead, our Community Garage Sale, hosted by Coldwell Banker, is on Saturday, Apr. 16. The following Saturday, Apr. 23, we hold our Spring Clean-Up Day. More details will be in the April SRCA Newsletter.

Bob Dingeman