Our SDPD Captain Retires

We all want to thank San Diego Police Department’s (SDPD) Captain Dawn Summers for her 34 years of faithful service to our city and for her time serving Scripps Ranch. Captain Summers was the commanding officer in the Northeastern Division, which includes Scripps Ranch.

She was always approachable and dedicated to exemplary police work. She will be sorely missed. Our Northeastern Division has the lowest crime rate in San Diego and we like it that way. Our close work with the police in our Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch program and the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol really pays off in greater security for our families and homes.

We welcome Captain Sandra Rapalee-Albrektsen to Scripps Ranch. Read more about her on page 15.

Help for Seniors

Kudos to the ElderHelp program that provides assistance to senior citizens in all aspects of life. It has functioned for 42 years to help find living arrangements, transportation to medical appointments, and other assistance so that seniors can continue to live relatively independently in their own homes.

The program directs individual volunteers to assist seniors and, of course, handles the most important aspect of securing safe and dependable volunteers with cars. Those volunteers provide transportation for seniors. For more information on what ElderHelp can do for you or to volunteer to help Scripps Ranch seniors, please see the SRCA 50 Plus article on page 8.

My wife, Gaye, and I were pleased to be honored at the ElderHelp “Essence of Life” awards program in March at the Southwestern Yacht Club in Point Loma.

Scripps Ranch Schools

For 35 years we in Scripps Ranch have had a very active and participating parent-school activity through our Scripps Ranch Schools Committee. It meets monthly—during the school year—on the third Wednesday at 4:30 pm in the Marshall Middle School Community Room. We focus on what is best for our educational programs, and we hear about school district action pertaining to Scripps Ranch classrooms and activities.

We invite district officials to attend and discuss items with our school principals—who all attend, thank you!—and parent representatives. Over the years we have been able to maintain the best relations and the highest responses. Come join your school representative and see how you can help favorably influence school board and district actions.

You and Our Veterans

I went to the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital in La Jolla, which has taken care of me for years. I was so pleased to see the care and attention our veterans were receiving. Some of the youngsters in their 70s were particularly pleased. This brings up the fact that we have many veterans who still are hurting from war wounds and injuries.

You can help by supporting the many agencies that help veterans, including ones that offer dogs as therapy and companions. I saw at least four veterans with mixed breed dogs as companion dogs and all were negotiating so well. You can donate to the many agencies that secure and train what they call service dogs, many of which are saved from kennels. It is so nice to see the confidence of a veteran walking with his or her dog. You can help make this a reality for more vets.

Happy Thoughts

I want to leave you with some thoughts to ponder:

A smile costs nothing but gives so much! It enriches those who give it but takes but a moment. The memory of it lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he or she can get along without it.

A smile creates happiness in the home and promotes goodwill in business and is the cornerstone of friendship.

A smile can perk up the weary, bring cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and is nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet a smile cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen for it is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

When people are too tired to give you a smile, give them one of yours. No one needs a smile so much as he or she who has none to give.

Bob Dingeman