What a Marvelous Community

As we gathered for the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s (SRCA) Recognition Night—our annual event when we honor our community volunteers—I was reminded of our years of growth and development as the “Finest Family Community in San Diego.” We heard of the fantastic work of our dedicated volunteers, who made it possible. Simply fantastic that ideas we generated to create our home as long as 40 years ago have not only been retained but nurtured for new residents.

The volunteers made it possible, and your SRCA has been a key element always in progress and sustained efforts. We were honored to have our elected officials present their awards. Longtime volunteer Andy Nicholas was named the Citizen of the Year for all his wonderful service to the community in a myriad of ways. I remember his providing our public address system for all these years for our Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Jerabek Park and all of our 4th of July Parades, which is a far cry from my days of using a handheld megaphone in the 1977 parade.

To Recognition Night chair Vince Petrucci and his volunteers who made this evening special, our thanks! Check out our seven-page report in this Newsletter, starting on page 28. This issue is a “keeper” for our community history. Volunteers make Scripps Ranch so special!

Water Conservation

Are you doing your share to conserve our precious supply of rainwater? It is reported that conservation goals are not being met in California. Despite some El Niño rains helping, we are still in a five-year drought and must conserve our water supplies. Check your automatic sprinklers and use less in your household living. Just turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers makes a real difference. Do your part.

Ranch Clean-Up Day

Hope you all used the dumpsters to get rid of your trash and debris in our annual Spring Clean-Up Day in April. It is supported by your SRCA and the Torrey Pines Kiwanis Club. It is your efforts that maintain our community in such a fine state of cleanliness and appearance. Thanks to all of you for your work. It shows your pride in Scripps Ranch and our homes.

Thanks to Elissa Barber, SRCA vice president of events, and the Kiwanis for organizing the event. I must admit I miss being able to do my bit for this fine event, but is seems age has really caught up with me and my ability to help, except with my encouragement and thanks.

Bob Dingeman, Self-Proclaimed Former “Trash Boss”