20 Years Ago—How Time Flies

On June 3 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of Dingeman Elementary School. The years have been filled with significant accomplishments and educational honors earned by a series of wonderful principals and fantastic staff. The 20 years went by so fast.

It is known as the happy school, where students, faculty, and parents are all happy. It shows in the progress of the students.

This was also the annual “Colonel Bob Dingeman Day,” in which the students prepared special items, songs, and letters to yours truly for my 94th birthday. What a joy and delight to this old soldier. I also received special birthday proclamations from State Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, Councilmember Mark Kersey, and County Supervisor Dave Roberts. Check out the picture on page 25.

I must admit that Dingeman Elementary is truly the greatest honor for my civilian life. The greatest honor for my military life was to be able to command and lead in peace and combat the finest soldiers in the world—American citizen soldiers in defense of our freedom.

I count my many blessings and the wonderful things said and done by the Dingeman school are considered. It brought tears of pleasure and gratitude to my eyes. Thanks to all of you who voted to name the school after me, especially Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s former president Wes Danskin.

Our Streets are being Repaired!

Yes, it is being done! For years we on the Ranch have experienced the same problems as other areas of the city—many unrepaired potholes and poor maintenance of our streets. With newly reelected Councilmember Mark Kersey’s assistance and planning, we are experiencing a great resurgence in street repairs and slurry coatings. This should allow for years of wear. Please be patient and drive carefully with the temporary detours involved. The results are certainly worth it!

It Happened Again

A pick-up truck traveling east on Red Cedar Drive allegedly ran the stop sign at Aviary Drive and hit a sedan. The airbag deployed, and, luckily, no one was seriously hurt. Fire Station 44’s engine responded, as did paramedics.

Since this is right in front of my house, I directed traffic until the police arrived. This stop sign is habitually ignored, but we have been lucky so far. I admit I am going out again and sitting with my clipboard at the stop sign. It seems to help enforce things by scaring drivers.

The Country Did It Again

Did you cast your vote for the candidate of your choice and the various propositions in the primary election? Since Governor Johnson’s days, we in California have seen various propositions by groups pushing their own agenda. Unfortunately, many of them turned out to be expensive burdens and not achieve what was promised—so brace yourself.

Symphony in the Park

When you enjoy a concert in Hoyt Park this summer, think back on the history of this tradition. In 1978 we spearheaded action with the city to allow us to maintain the open space in the canyon at the corner of Aviary Drive and Canyon Lake Drive. Although it is not an official city park, they let us call it Hoyt Park.

Back in 1978 we held the last of the San Diego County band concerts in the old-fashioned way of bring your wine and cheese and sit on the grass and enjoy the Scripps Ranch ambiance with friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, the county band was disbanded due to a lack of funds, but our Ranch volunteers stepped forward and continued the enjoyable tradition now known as the Symphony in the Park. Page 15 for more on this month’s concert.

Scripps Ranch Ingenuity

I want to take you on a stroll down memory lane about our beautiful library. Nancy Assaf, our longtime librarian who has since retired, and our dedicated staff had functioned for years from a bookmobile, then a storefront. We finally got our new library. The only trouble was that the shelves were empty, as the books were in the temporary storefront down the hill from the library.

In a wonderful stroke of community spirit and ingenuity, we called for volunteers to help. Then we formed long lines of residents and slowly passed all of our books up the hill, hand over hand, and to the library shelves. We were finally ready for business! It was a chain of dedication, for sure, and a special note to remember in our community history.

Bob Dingeman