What a Wonderful Community!

Our son, Dr. Bob Dingeman, drove me to Vons in our car with a special sign that let us drive and park so I could meet and welcome our guests for the 4th of July Parade. What a privilege and joy for me! They all said what a thrill and pleasure it was for them to come to Scripps Ranch and be part of our family and participate in our patriotic parade. I am proud to say that I have heard that comment for 40 years. We make all of our elected and appointed officials feel welcome.

I remember our first parade in 1976 when we had horses and a stagecoach drawn by six horses for Wells Fargo. Some of our kids did not know about horses, so I got some adverse comments from parents of kids who walked where they shouldn’t! It was an old-fashioned 4th of July.

This year again, to start off the parade, Jake and Justin Todd carried the SRCA banner, followed by the Boy Scout Color Guard. Americana at its best! My heart swelled with pride in America and what we stand for. We enjoyed the kids on bikes and Fitness Quest 10—and SRCA president Bob Ilko—energizing the crowd by exercising the entire parade route

We had floats prepared by individual neighborhoods, which were very special. They were all handmade, of course, and followed the “All-Star” parade theme. We also had the popular Society for the Preservation of the Middle Class. For the first time, our councilmember, Mark Kersey, joined the group. The men were pushing their lawn mowers, and some stopped for an occasional cold beer from the wheelbarrow filled with ice and beer.

I was privileged to join Tamara Lewis, the Dingeman Elementary School principal, in her convertible leading the Dingeman students (above).

All in all, it was a fantastic job by our committee and simply our expression of love of family and America. What a joy to live in Scripps Ranch with all of you!

Kudos to the Old Pros

The Scripps Ranch Old Pros did it again, holding the best Race/Bike Ride and Family Run in San Diego County, bar none. Not only did every one of our many visitors and residents have a good time, the area was all cleaned up of debris and clutter after the events…and so quickly! It shows their concern and pride in doing a good job in our fine community.

I remember the first 10K Run organized years ago by our neighbor Carol Brown. This was taken over by the Old Pros and has been combined with the Bike Ride for a truly special part of our community’s 4th of July celebrations, especially the Family Fun Run/Walk. It’s also a very successful fundraiser for the Old Pros who donate scholarships to our Scripps Ranch High School senior scholar/athletes. Check out pages 30–31 in this Newsletter for more about the Old Pros and this year’s event.

Thanks, Bob Ilko

Sometimes we forget to thank the people who do all the volunteer work for us. Bob Ilko is one of them! Thanks a heap, Bob, and bless you.

We all thank Bob as our Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) president and all-around volunteer for again doing his bit—and more—for the Ranch. Not only is he continuing as SRCA president for another term, he co-chaired the 4th of July Committee with Gary Clark.

As a matter of history, Bob is famous for the very special floats he personally helps design and make for his Loire Valley neighborhood. They are always a delight to see, particularly those constructed practically overnight on Bob’s Jeep.

Marvelous Marv

What a marvelous 4th of July it was for a very special resident, Marvin Miles. He has been a Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa Citizen of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and all-around community star! Marv was the grand marshal for the Mira Mesa parade and just listing all of his community actions filled a complete page.

Marv has chaired so many community events and actions. The list even includes giving this old soldier a welcome ride so I can attend the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) Foundation meetings. I consider Marv not only a dear friend and colleague but a jewel in our community.

Streets ‘R Us

Did you notice how nice our slurry-coated streets looked for showing off our homes on the 4th of July? They look terrific, and we send thanks to Councilmember Mark Kersey and all his City Council efforts. Please continue the work as it is still needed in many areas of the Ranch.

Bob Dingeman