Give the Kids a Brake

School starts on Monday, Aug. 29, so please drive slowly, especially near our schools. Please obey the Safety Patrols—most of them are children. We have a wonderful community safety record and it is because we watch out for children.

Also, remind your children about what they should do if approached by strangers. We encourage residents to take part in “Walk Pools,” where one adult accompanies a group of children to and from school. At the very least, have kids walk together. Let’s keep safety in mind.

Keep Your Dogs on a Leash

Just a reminder to all, your dog must be kept on a leash outside your property at all times. It is the law. Unfortunately, we have had several reports of dogs off leash attacking other dogs that are on a leash. This can lead to safety problems trying to prevent bites and so forth. Thanks for doing your bit, in the Scripps Ranch tradition.

Fire Protection

The California Conservation Corps helps fight potential brush fires with their crews thinning trees and brush in some areas, including Scripps Ranch in past years. They follow a wonderful work system used during the Great Depression called the Civilian Conservation Corps or CCC. This was an organization that got men off the unemployment lines and into making our parks better. Their work was fantastic.

My father, as an army officer, was assigned for two years to many camps in North and South Carolina forests. He worked on roads, parks, and schools, making a lasting impact. There were so good, they were called the “Green Army.”

If you go to William Heise Park near Julian, where many scouts camp, you will see some of their work after 75 years.

Jerabek Elementary—Our First Honored School

Just a bit of history about our award-winning schools. We finally opened Miramar Ranch Elementary School, only to find it was instantly overcrowded. So Ivor Lemaire and the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee worked with our school board trustee to have a second school built. We named it for Chauncy Jerabek, the gardener for E.W. Scripps who brought in eucalyptus trees from Australia.

The fabulous faculty, parents, and hard-working students quickly made their mark with outstanding academic achievements and were the subject of a national school committee evaluation. It resulted in them receiving “The Honor Roll School” award, our first such community accolade. I remember giving the evaluation team the “Bob Dingeman gold-plated car tour” of the Ranch. The wonderful thing is that Jerabek students still excel and so do all of our other schools. We are so proud!

Bob Dingeman