America the Beautiful

I hope all of you vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. I’m sure we all hope the results are the best for America. I must admit that I, as a very patriotic American, have fears about the direction our country has taken and what it means for my great-grandchildren. It means all of us have to be vigilant, engaged, and cooperative to make a better America.

Veterans Day—November 11

With all of the issues that face voters in this contentious election, we must not forget our millions of citizen soldiers—many veterans who have given so much so we can enjoy our freedoms. It is a fact of combat that it is the young men and women who suffer the injuries of combat, not the politicians who send them off to war.

In America we have set aside November 11, first as Armistice Day ending World War I, then by an act of Congress, it was made a national holiday and retitled simply Veterans Day. It is a day in which we should pause in our lives and say a prayer and remember their sacrifices and that of their families for America and each of us.

It is also the day we visit our national cemeteries to honor our fallen heroes. We have a beautiful new national cemetery in La Jolla that already has several thousand burials. I worked for years with the Navy to get this land for the cemetery, and it worked out well. God bless our veterans.

“I Live in Scripps Ranch”

I have heard the phrase above so often, and it is followed by remarks about our wonderful community. For you longtime residents and you more recent folks, we have worked constructively, often with opposition, to achieve what we have together. Residents tell us they truly appreciate our critically acclaimed SRCA Newsletter delivered monthly by hundreds of volunteers to every home on the Ranch.

We also have our award-winning schools, wonderful Scouts, winning sports leagues for all ages, and a special library. We have our active senior and environmental programs—the SRCA 50 Plus and Sustainable Scripps Ranch! All of these are supported—many financially—by the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. Despite all of these community assets, there are still new activities to pursue.

For you newer residents please look around for needed community actions. If you are not sure what to do, read your SRCA Newsletter for ideas. We have followed a simple directive, commonly called the Bob Dingeman rule: Always seek the doable solution. This means pursue logical avenues and focus on what can be achieved. It works and you will feel more connected to your community.

Bob Dingeman