SRCA Scholarships

Elissa Barber, Jim Paterniti, and I met and interviewed the wonderful Scripps Ranch High School senior class applicants who competed for the SRCA Bob Dingeman scholarship. It is awarded for what we perceive as the best community service and contributions.

It is always a pleasure and highlight of my year. It also strongly reinforces support of academic achievements, willingness to help others, and hope for the future of our great country. The seniors selected for the scholarships that will be presented at the SRHS Awards Night in June are:

  • Matthew Jewell
  • Janie King
  • Jared Truong

Reminiscing on Veterans Day

As a very old combat disabled veteran, I consider Veterans Day to be extremely special. I remember mostly the good features of my years of service to our wonderful country in its wars and especially the magnificent American soldiers I was privileged to command and lead.

I harken back to when I was a young boy. My father—a World War I veteran—took me to the local veterans hospital to make his regular visit. It was eye-opening as I saw men who had been gassed with chlorine gas by the Germans. They were still hospital patients in our 1930 visit.

As General William Sherman—a Civil War Union Army leader—said so well, “War is hell.” It mostly affects the flower of a country’s youth. The thing I remember was that the men asked us to return to visit, as they did not want to be forgotten.

That still resonates strongly today. Not necessarily to visit frequently, but to remember and acknowledge their service and sacrifices. So thank a veteran.

A Bit of Scripps Ranch History

As you travel down Pomerado Road today, you are traveling the same path from the early days, dating back to the early settlers. At one point city planners wanted to make it a divided four-lane highway. We successfully defeated that idea and created the road we now have.

Several interesting things emerged. First, we found a lot of buried items that had to be cleared, as well as evidence of a large earth dam near the present Chabad Hebrew Academy entrance. It was used to collect stream water from the E.W. Scripps’ days and had to be leveled.

When the road was improved, traffic from Poway and beyond tripled, so we built a large berm to stop traffic. However, a court order required the berm to be removed and the road reopened. We then added traffic lights for safety.

Thanks to those who helped: engineer Bill Rick; resident John Royer; and our SRCA president Bob Ilko.

Bob Dingeman