Recycle Your Christmas Tree

We here in Scripps Ranch are wonderful when it comes to recycling our Christmas trees. And there are many ways to do that.

If you use your own bin for the greenery recycling, the city asks that you put the tree on the curb and it will be taken on your regular “green” pickup day. If your tree is more than four feet long, it must be cut in half.

If you have a city greenery bin—the large green 96-gallon ones provided by the city—you need to cut your tree into pieces so it fits in the bin. Then put it out on your regular collection day.

There’s one more way to recycle your tree. Until Monday, Jan. 23, you could take it to the Scripps Ranch Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive and leave it in the parking lot area designated for trees.

As a reminder for any recycling method you use, please remove tree stands, lights, ornaments, tinsel, and other decorations. Also, the city asks that you not leave any other items at the tree drop-off area.

Ranch History: Jerabek Park

One of our prides and joys is the five playing field complex in Jerabek Park, donated by Corky McMillan. We wanted something special for the grand opening years ago, and I noticed a sign about a hot air balloon at a house as I was delivering the SRCA Newsletter. I remembered that my wife, Gaye, and I had flown in a balloon during our African safari so we could drift slowly over the many wild animals.

I thought what a special feature for the Jerabek Park grand opening. We arranged for the balloon to be tethered and raised and lowered as a special “ride,” and it made a truly wonderful start for our sports complex. All who rode up and down in the balloon said it was terrific!

A Great New Year’s Resolution

As 2017 starts how about resolving to get involved in this wonderful community we call home? There are so many ways to give back, and if you have children, what a wonderful lesson you teach them as you work to make Scripps Ranch even better.

While there are many ways to help, I suggest finding what interests you and pursuing that. Here are a couple of suggestions. How about volunteering with the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA)? There are so many committees that we’re sure we could find one you like. Just email [email protected] and we’ll help you find your passion.

There is the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). They help keep our community safe. Call Jim Shulte at 538-8120 to find out more. We hope you find a way to help keep Scripps Ranch great!

Bob Dingeman