Blessed Rainfall

Have you noticed how green all the grass is from the repeated rains we have enjoyed? Startling green in so many locations! It does mean, however, the grass will dry out in the summer heat and be a fire problem, so plan to be very careful.

We, as a family, are purchasing another rain barrel for our patio to make sure we do our share in saving water for our plants. We also adjusted our automatic sprinkler system to comply with drought restrictions. My wife, Gaye, bought a bird bath and our yard feeder is very popular!

Scripps Ranch “Euks”

The symbol of Scripps Ranch is the eucalyptus tree. Chauncey Jerabek, E.W. Scripps’ gardener, imported and planted 26,000 “euks” from Australia when they thought they would be good mine timbers. However, the trunks were all twisted so they were not good for timbers, and over the years the trees self-planted.

Recently, Channel 10 News did a story about tree safety and self-pruning and sent a photographer out to interview me about any accidents in the past. I recalled one fatality on Pomerado Road and two damaged porches from felled limbs. The latest, of course, was the injury of a Miramar Ranch Elementary School teacher who was hit by a falling branch.

With all the rain, very tall euks can become loosened in their foundation soil and can fall or self-prune. So the answer is to contact an arborist and get your tall euks professionally trimmed for safety.

Kudos to Volunteer Extraordinaire Bob Ilko

If you have not read the account of SRCA President Bob Ilko’s fantastic resolutions for 2017, and his amazing service for 26 years, in the January SRCA Newsletter, by all means do so. You can read it at

Marvel at all that Bob has done over the years for Scripps Ranch and its residents. Bob and his wife, Janet, are pillars of our community and sterling family members for all to emulate in making Scripps Ranch a fine family home.

Volunteers in Action

If you have not yet joined the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA), by all means take the time to do so now. Just go to It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes!

Join your friends who have already joined in a tradition of family support. Working together, we make good things happen for the finest community-oriented organization in San Diego. Be part of the action, and help bring about needed changes and activities.

Bob Dingeman