Our Water Supplies: Conserve

We apparently have the good fortune of having our reservoirs refilled to capacity and everything looks so green. We have gone through a shaky feeling about water and acquired many good ideas, which will serve us well. In other words, we still are carefully using the water restrictions as a good thing to ensure available water for the future.

For any of you fellow California citizens suffering from potential flooding, we offer you prayers for a quick resolution.

State of Our Nation

Are you doing your part to build the America of our dreams? If you are not, the time and opportunity to do so is now.

The solution is easy. Just look around and select the area you want to work in and volunteer your services to make it come to fruition. You will enjoy the work and be delighted with what you and others accomplish for Scripps Ranch and America. Try it, you will like it and be proud of your achievements. Go for it!

Updating Our Trails Map

Our wonderful Scripps Ranch Trails Map needs to be brought up to date and republished. It has been one of the most sought-after and used things on our Ranch. It was originally developed in combination with an Eagle Scout project and our SRCA historian Wes Danskin.

If you are interested in helping with this, please contact me at [email protected] or 566-6083. I am sorry that my age and disabilities prevent me from doing it again. I so enjoyed walking all the hiking trails to verify their condition. Of course, it could be another very useful community Eagle Scout project.

Enjoy Our Ponds and Lake

Scripps Ranch is blessed with two small stocked ponds and one large fishing lake—Miramar reservoir. Evans and Hendrix ponds are man-made, dating back to E.W. Scripps’ days. Then we added modern improvements of a full-time aeration system and additional water from the Maintenance Assessment District budget and from the city’s recycled water.

We also asked the county water authority to add the water they flushed from the aqueduct. The aeration and water support the small population of blue gills for children’s fishing and bountiful wild fowl, likely fed by library patrons.

For some reason we have had several cases of fish “die-offs,” probably due to a lack of water circulation. The ponds are still nice for a quiet walk, so try them. Evans Pond is by the library, and Hendrix Pond is opposite the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club’s Aviary location.

If you are a more serious fisherman, go to Miramar Lake. You can fish from your boat, get gear, rent boats, and so forth. However, no powerboats are allowed.

It is a rare community that has its own recreational facilities like ours, so use and enjoy them. Duck food is available in the library’s Book Nook.

Our Famous Floating Loo

Have you heard of the Scripps Ranch floating loo? It seems that the popularity of Miramar Lake for awhile exceeded all plans, and the lake was dotted with fishermen in boats and canoes. They were observed throwing things into the lake, which, of course, is a no no!

The powers that be decided what was needed was a floating “loo” to be anchored at the far end, away from the dam. Canoeists would simply paddle over to the small floating platform and do their thing. The reservoir was preserved.

Unfortunately, the homeowners directly above the loo soon noticed a new odor in their area and protested, citing the loo as the possible pollutant. Our innovative idea of a floating loo was removed. So much for innovation on the water! Just come ashore please, do your thing, and enjoy our wonderful Miramar Lake.

Bob Dingeman