Bob Ilko Chosen for Vital Role

I want to thank Councilmember Mark Kersey and Mayor Kevin Faulconer for appointing SRCA President Bob Ilko to the newly chartered Community Advisory Board on Police Practices. Bob will represent the 250,000 residents of the city’s 5th Council District.

Bob’s credentials make him the ideal person to represent our community on this committee. He created the largest Neighborhood Watch program in the county, has been a leader on the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) for 26 years, and is a former San Diego police officer.

Improving community relations with the police department is vital to strengthening the partnership to combat crime and ensure fair treatment. There are many challenges for the SDPD, and I think policies should be reviewed for the betterment of our community.

Support Needed

The massive shortfalls projected for the San Diego Unified School District budget for next year will have an adverse impact on all of our schools. This will be reflected in the loss of some teachers, vice principals, and classified staff. Losing these vital school members means an increase in the need for parental actions and support, as well as donations.

In fact, this might be your chance to step forward and take on a more active role at your child’s school. Scripps Ranch parents are always willing to help. The end result is, hopefully, no lessening of our students’ education or achievements.

Veterans Remembrances

I was interviewed last month as part of a Congressional project to seek and record remembrances of WWII veterans. Karen Kissane, who volunteered at our library, is working on this from her home in Florida.

At 94 I am one of the few Pearl Harbor era veterans still around. It gave me a chance to brag a bit about our wonderful family community, and, of course, the very special support of my wife, Gaye, over all the years and adventures. It is hoped this will be available for future generations. I will make a special film for my beloved Dingeman Elementary School files.

What a Fabulous Community

In just the last SRCA Newsletter I wrote that we needed to repair our trails and redo the trails map. The trails need to be smoothed for safety after all the rains.

Immediately, I received two offers to help, and an Eagle Scout candidate met with me. Wow! This makes me feel so good about Scripps Ranch. It means the SRCA Newsletter is still being read and serves our community so well under our very special editor and professional journalist, Gloria Tran.

Bob Dingeman