Fantastic Surprise

What a wonderful and heartwarming surprise to receive the first ever Scripps Ranch Civic Association Lifetime Achievement Award at the Annual Recognition Night that honors community volunteers. It was a surprise so I was flattered and pleased for the honor and the record of achievements I have enjoyed doing for Scripps Ranch.

It was especially touching because the men I recruited and mentored presented me the award: Wes Danskin, Marc Sorensen, Gordon Boerner, and Bob Ilko. All held—Bob holds—the position of SRCA president. I consider this loyalty a mark of Scripps Ranch past and present citizens working for the betterment of all residents.

I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of helping make Scripps Ranch the finest family community in San Diego. Check out the volunteers honored at Recognition Night in a special section starting on page 25.

Do Your Part and Enjoy It!

I was asked how I could possibly have kept doing all the things I did over the years for Scripps Ranch. My reply was simply to always seek a positive solution that was doable and that sets the stage for all future action to achieve success. I also recruited volunteers for all projects—from the fainthearted to even opponents! Then, we were off and working.

Also, I enjoyed doing the small things as well as the major projects. It is the many small acts of action and kindness that make for a fine community. Finally, by all means, enjoy the fruits of your labor in the completed projects.

Repairing Our Infrastructure

I am sure that each of you has experienced a sense of déjà vu when your car hits a deep pothole, which could affect your alignment, and you wonder why the street has not yet been repaired. The city now has a new program in effect so you can send in your reports of needed repairs of city property and they will be addressed. Do not expect miracles but the city needs the reports to get the work started.

I asked my daughter to drive me around so I could personally check things out. I am afraid that in many cases, when utility installers come in, they are wrecking the surface as the repairs are not inspected to be sure the work is up to standards. I must admit that I get angry to see streets that were recently resurfaced dug up again and then left in poor condition.

To report a pothole, you can call 619-527-7500 or report it online at [Editor’s note: You also can use the Get It Done app to report a problem.]

Bob Dingeman