4th of July Parade

We look forward to marking our country’s birthday in one of the finest community celebrations, right here in Scripps Ranch! Thousands will watch the annual 4th of July Parade. It will be an enjoyable day for the entire family. 

I recall in 1976 when my wife, Gaye, and I were first recruited as co-chairs by the committee. We enjoyed being part of the preparations of what is called “the finest community 4th of July Parade in Southern California.”

In the early days we were able to secure the use of the last functioning steam calliope in California. The beautiful sound echoed in our canyons. We even had the Wells Fargo stage coach for the event, with their six-horse team. It was a double treat for all! At that time individual neighborhoods would enter a float following the theme of the parade. You still have time to get a float together. Page 7 has details. 

Memorial Day

I hope you all took a moment on this special day and thanked the men and women who have given their lives in defense of our liberty, freedom, and way of life—which is second to none in the world. This is normally not a happy day for me. As an old soldier I remember classmates from West Point and my citizen soldiers who were killed in Korea, Vietnam, and, of course, Pearl Harbor. We honor them at the cemeteries where they are buried. 

Taps is usually played by a lone bugler, and the poignant sound of that beautiful farewell to soldiers is heard again. So as Americans, we say a prayer of thanks and God bless you. As they say at the Veterans Administration: “Many gave some, but some gave all.” We salute them all.

Keeping Up With Things

Although age has taken its toll on me and I cannot attend and participate in the many community activities I so enjoyed, I still receive probably more mail than any other home on the Ranch, according to my faithful mail carrier. So I remain an active participant in the process, such as filling out surveys and petitions and sending in donations. Happy to say that though the body is weak, the mind remains strong!

Count Our Blessings

As I was sitting on our patio, I was so grateful for the sunshine and that I lived such a long, productive life in a loving family. The warm sun felt so good and I said a prayer of thanks to God. 

For our many problems and wars, I prayed for solutions and comfort for the millions affected. As I sat there I remembered I would reach 95 years on June 12, and I thanked God for all my blessings. Then, as I am an old man, I fell asleep for 30 minutes and took a nice nap. 

Bob Dingeman