Beware: Fire Danger

Are you prepared? If you have not done so, make sure you have protected your home from wildfires by removing fire fuel from around your house. So far this summer, there have been many fires burning in California. With all the dry grass and brush around, it poses a major problem for our firefighters. We remember all too well the Cedar Fire that devastated our community in 2003.

Don’t forget to have all the items you would take with you in case of an evacuation in a special area, or at least know where they are so they could be easily accessible. I was amazed that I still did not have all the needed official papers assembled. So that remains a chore, for sure.

Hip-Hip Hooray!

I rode in the convertible with Dingeman Elementary principal Tamara Lewis in the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) 4th of July Parade! I was pleased and inspired as an American with the love of country and families shown by the people lining the parade route.

I was delighted to see so many people come to the Ranch and support the Old Pros 4th of July Run and Ride, the group’s signature event. To all who helped plan and support these amazing events, our sincere thanks and gratitude. They are just examples of what makes living and raising a family in Scripps Ranch so special.

Your Patience Needed

SDG&E is doing its thing on Pomerado Road, a route with heavy traffic on a normal day. SRCA president Bob Ilko valiantly tried to persuade the powers that be to use another system with less traffic delays, but to no avail. We will keep trying. Please drive carefully.

Thanks a Heap

I was a bit in awe after receiving not one but two messages from families of long-standing on the Ranch dating back to 1976, when Gaye and I moved here. They were so complimentary that it brought tears to this old soldier’s eyes to think I could have been that effective in making Scripps Ranch what it turned out to be.

Both families said they had meant to contact me and thank me for all I had done but just put it off. All I can say is a simple “thank you” is worth a million dollars in good feelings. So do not hesitate to give it when you can. It made my day!

Special Time with Family

Gaye and I were blessed with a too short visit by our eldest granddaughter, Doctor Koren, and her family, including our great grandchildren. It’s disconcerting to have a great granddaughter taller than you! Now that Gaye and I cannot travel to Texas, their visit is even more precious to us.

Bob Dingeman