May the Scripps Ranch Spirit Stay Strong in 2013

Our congratulations to Gloria Tran on her wonderful job as a community leader and our Newsletter editor. She and her staff–including graphics editor Victoria Mazelli, advertising manager Melissa Allman, People editor Elinor Reiss, and distribution manager Jim Caughey–have done a wonderful job helping sustain and nourish our community spirit. Of course, thanks to the hundreds of volunteer distributors who deliver your Newsletter each month!

When Gaye and I arrived here in 1976, we were impressed with the already existing wonderful supporting spirit of individuals like Ivan LeMare and all of those early pioneers. They set the pace and made sure our community developed into what we have now.

We attended hundreds of meetings, picked up trash, and organized Scouts and sports. The concept was that we work collectively and would create the finest family community in San Diego. We instilled that spirit of creating new ideas and maintaining old ideas for a family-oriented community. Our schools excel and our Ranch sparkles.

Yes, most of us have the “spirit,” and now each of us must continue to maintain and support it and enjoy the results. It is worth the collective efforts that focus around the work of your Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) and all that goes with it. Working together, we have achieved much and can even improve.

Help the SRCA Stay Strong

Donate to your SRCA and make sure the Scripps Ranch voice continues to be strong and factual. All SRCA contributions are put right back into the community in organized groups, youth activity, and seniors for good works.

Your SRCA continues to ensure that we get our fair share from the city, school district, and other governmental agencies. Your SRCA also hosts family friendly events throughout the year, including the Community Fair and the 4th of July Parade and Festivities.

To help your SRCA, just visit [] and donate online. Your SRCA is totally run by volunteers–your neighbors and friends. Try it, you’ll like it!

City Support of Community Needs

Our new councilmember, Mark Kersey, has indicated he will continue a first-rate and priority program of support for community needs. Those include repairing streets and streetlights, tree maintenance, and more. It means, however, that when you see a need, you must contact the council office with specifics in a request. Use email, so it gets recorded and can be acted upon.

Distressing Vandalism to Community Christmas Tree

It is with a great deal of sorrow that I report a distressing act of vandalism to our community Christmas tree lights in Jerabek Park. We have purchased and installed LED lights for the tree so we can have more displays and, of course, save money on electricity. We purchased many new strings this year, so the tree was really well lit.

Unfortunately, some vandals climbed over the fence that surrounds the tree and methodically cut 30 strands of LED lights. Whether we can make repairs and reuse the lights remains a problem. I need a volunteer to step forward and help me. If you can lend a hand, please email me at [[email protected]]. Thank you.

Self-Help Pays Off

When was the last time you swept out your gutters and sidewalks and picked it up? If you still have not met that need, why not start the year out with a project, and be thankful of the improved appearance for all, including you, to enjoy.

RSVP Functioning

With the separation of the Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch communities into two different City Council districts, the question was asked whether the existing Scripps Ranch-Mira Mesa RSVP Foundation would be split into two separate functioning elements. The answer from the board of directors is that our RSVP was organized to operate under the San Diego Police Department’s (SDPD) Northeastern Division and this has worked well for l8 years. So, bottom line, we will continue with no change.

Our RSVP is up to 50 members strong, and it is able to patrol our two communities, including schools, banks, homes, and so forth. At the end of last year, the patrol reached the grand total of l80,000 hours of assistance provided to the police department. That’s amazing!

We expect the SDPD to continue its support of our operations, as well as the training of our members and providing the vehicles and their maintenance. We are supplementing the police department’s mission in a cost-effective manner while providing community services, including the You Are Not Alone (YANA) program, neighborhood surveillance, and traffic assistance.

If you are interested in joining the RSVP, please contact John Sunde, RSVP administrator, at 538-8156 or [[email protected]]. You can make a difference!

Are You Driving Too Fast?

When you start to use a walker for assistance, as I have, one of the aspects of life is that you become acutely aware of speeding cars and are very careful when crossing streets. I was reminded recently from another walker user who asked whether she had priority in the crosswalks over a vehicle.

I had to advise her that she did not. I did tell her that, by all means, she should always use the crosswalks but never against traffic. Happy to say that Scripps Ranch drivers are very good about crosswalks. Please keep it up!

Bob Dingeman