Welcome Back

One of the real pleasures of growing old is to greet past residents who worked with you as you accomplished what was needed, and we now enjoy as a fixture of “Country Living.” I was delighted to have Karen McElliott come to the house and go over some history.

Karen was a founding member of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group. When her husband, Ron, passed away after a cardiac arrest, she took on the task of providing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to all schools throughout the city. She expanded her program to churches and the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP).

Not content with this fabulous effort, she became chair for the Qualcomm Stadium Board for years. She sold her house in Scripps Ranch and now lives in a high-rise apartment downtown. Her daughter still lives on the Ranch. Thank you, Karen, for all you did for our community.

I am looking for a book that includes Ranch history if you have a spare. Thanks.

Slow Down Please

If you drive by Jerabek Elementary School, slow down! The speeding cars pose a major hazard to our children. We have asked the San Diego Police Department to set up speed monitoring and issue tickets for safety sake.

In addition, Jerabek added new crosswalk lights and people are driving through them. It is the law to yield at the crosswalk when the lights are flashing.

Obviously, we ask that you drive slowly and carefully around all our schools and in our neighborhoods.

Lend A Hand

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our fellow Americans and those in other countries affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The devastation is so complete it will take years to rebuild and major amounts of funds will be needed. If you are able, plan to send a donation to the Red Cross, who will be helping those affected for weeks, if not years. Thank you.

The American Volunteer Soldier

Secretary of Defense James Mattis gave one of the most patriotic speeches at the West Point graduation for the Class of 2017. His inspiring words to these young volunteers will certainly echo and remain for all to heed in our troubled times.

On the field of battle, no one wins—it is a team effort. American soldiers are the best I know from 13 campaigns. Devoted to America, they are superb and I am proud I to have led them in three wars.

It is the steadiest American who prevails and protects our democracy. You can watch General Mattis’ speech at www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNaJ-reBBX4. Semper Fi—duty, honor, country.

Bob Dingeman