Veterans Day Magic

Imagine my pleasure to get a phone call from Wes Danskin that he would take me downtown for the annual Veterans Day Parade (that’s Wes with me in the picture). As I have been a part of this event for so many years, I was delighted to observe probably the largest Veterans Day celebration in our city’s history.

It was wonderful and so American, with school marching units and sailors from at least 12 ships marching in formation—the most I have seen, even in this Navy town. It makes you proud to be an American in spite of our current problems. We can still say, “God bless America” and salute the flag when the Color Guards come by. I do it proudly!

Patience Helps

The recent SDG&E trenching and power line installation on Pomerado Road has created many problems for commuters. As you know if you have driven that road recently there have been delays and other impacts. Please accept them with as much grace as possible. The SRCA made every effort to mitigate the traffic problems, which would have been worse without its advocacy. They are still happening, so we ask that you be patient and, I guess, grin and bear it. Maybe try books on tape?

Happy and Proud

When you see a slightly bent over white-haired gentleman in Vons beaming with pride, it is yours truly after I read the wonderful SRCA Newsletter. It keeps the community informed of what’s happening—both the good and bad—and what you can do to help! It also highlights the many activities going on in our fine community. It is amazing all that happens in Scripps Ranch. It may no longer be much for “Country Living,” but it still is tops for family living and all that it entails.

For all of you who contribute to the Newsletter and all who coordinate the many events and organizations, keep up the hard work. It’s for the good of all.

If you have not joined the SRCA, by all means do so. It is the instrumentality that focuses our community and its betterment. Just go to Thank you and happy holidays!

Bob Dingeman