Take Proper Safety Measures

One feature of our eucalyptus trees is that they grow fast. They look good and are the signature tree of our community, along with our old-fashioned lamps. The trees do, however, have a nasty characteristic—they are self-pruning and will drop large branches without warning. This means each spring, if you have any trees on your property, they should be checked for safety. The trees on city property are continuously inspected.

If you wonder how they became our signature tree, an architect who lived near the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club came to me with a beautiful sketch incorporating them. We thought it was so special we recommended that the Scripps Ranch Civic Association adopt it as part of its logo. That was 40 years ago but the tree still represents our community.

The eucalyptus trees are, of course, the survivors of thousands imported from Australia and planted by Chauncey Jerabek, the gardener for E.W. Scripps. Chauncey imported and planted thousands of trees hoping to use them for railroad ties and mine timbers. However, he found that the eucalyptus would not serve as such, so we have lots of trees.

May I Light the Way

If you drive through the older areas of Scripps Ranch, you will see the amber glow of old-fashioned square street lamps. These were installed to give the area a very special soft look. I initially had a difficult time keeping the gold-colored panes in the windows as they became prime targets for BB guns. With perseverance we have been able to retain these special lamps.

At one time we had three extras in storage but, believe it or not, we had three lamps broken off by drivers knocking them down on the sidewalk. This means we have none left in storage, so please do not drive on the sidewalk over an old-fashioned lamp! We have grown to love them as a special part of our community.

Attention, Pet Owners

Sorry, but I have received many suggestions that pet owners be reminded to pick up after their animals. Simply taking your pet into the open space and leaving their droppings merely befouls our open space and does not fertilize it. So please carry a plastic bag and pick up your pet’s deposit for the good of the Ranch and all concerned. Thanks.

We Deserve Good News

I hope you watched the fantastic Olympic Opening Ceremony. The lighting and performers were out of this world! The games provided welcome relief from all the bad news.

Bob Dingeman