Honoring Our National Flag

As my daughter drove me around the Ranch for my usual tour to get me out of the house and see where I can help keep things up, I noticed that we still have a multitude of flags affixed to all our homes, a sense of real pride. As the 4th of July nears, you will want to fly your personal flag. If you don’t have one, I just happen to have four new American flags that I will be happy to give you. Just come by my house at 10292 Aviary Drive.

We Live in a Wonderful Place

As I reviewed the May SRCA Newsletter listing of volunteers and their work on Recognition Night, I was filled with a strong sense of pride and happiness that all our collective work was showing such progress and accomplishing so much good. Also, it warmed my heart that some of our fantastic volunteers are still doing their thing after 30 years! Wow! What other community can say that?

I am reminded of the tremendous community effort and everyone helping each other after the Cedar Fire in 2003. Gaye and I will never forget that Bob Ilko, when he noticed the ferocity of the fire, drove over to our home to make sure we were okay and able to evacuate. The wonderful folks at Mira Mesa High School allowed the campus to be an evacuation point, even letting our old dog stay.

The Scripps Ranch community came together in an incredible way. The governor passed along to me his compliments and thanks to all who worked so hard. As the governor said, “You are a national image of what a fine community can do and an inspiration to all other neighborhoods.”

Not only did we survive the fire and aftermath but organized and rebuilt a bigger and better community. We brought pride and national recognition to Scripps Ranch. #ScrippsRanchStrong

Assistance for Seniors

One of the most difficult things to adjust to as you become a senior and get into your 90s is you no longer have the freedom to drive to community meetings, the store, or anywhere else. It is a radical change. Thank goodness there are wonderful people who will take you places.

We are blessed to have special people like John and Cindy Taylor help us and take us to church every Sunday. Dave Guin is wonderful as he drives Gaye to shop in the commissary and helps her navigate the aisles. This is, of course, priceless. He also drives her to other trips such as doctors’ appointments and such.

Gaye and I are the poster couple for ElderHelp, a nonprofit that helps older folks. Contact them at 619-284-9281 or [email protected] We are thankful they help Scripps Ranch.

Bob Dingeman