Our Very Special 4th of July

Starting many years ago with a $200 donation and handmade awards, Scripps Ranch started our 4th of July Parade. We have held it each year since, and newspapers and elected officials call it the finest 4th of July parade and patriotic celebration in Southern California. Forty-eight years later, we are still going strong.

The point is always made as to the warm greetings for all our elected officials and the family atmosphere. Residents do not have to leave the Ranch to enjoy the holiday. They just set out their lawn chairs, sit down, and enjoy being with each other in the finest family community is San Diego. God bless America!

[Editor’s note: For all the details about this year’s parade, please see page 7.]

Bob Dingeman Scholarship

The Colonel Bob Dingeman/Scripps Ranch Civic Association Scholarship is awarded each year to Scripps Ranch High School seniors who demonstrate outstanding volunteer service to the community. Each scholarship recipient receives $1,500, which helps pay for college books and fees not covered by other scholarships. Applicants write an essay about their volunteer work, and all applicants are interviewed. The recipients are selected by early November, allowing the student to put this award on their college application.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients, Nicholas Hern (left) and Amira Walia (right). Nicholas’ experience volunteering at the San Diego Food Bank led him to a initiate a project putting together boxes for the homeless. The packages included food, rain ponchos, and shirts from Cloud Covered Streets. They were distributed in December, and with the help of his family Nicholas plans to do another delivery.

Amira founded the Career Corner Club at SRHS. The focus is to learn about women in male-dominated jobs and how to support each other in adversity. Amira recruits women as guest speakers. This is an outgrowth of her volunteer experience with “Students Stand with Malala,” which promotes equal education and opportunity for girls around the world. Amira will attend Cornell University in the fall.

We are so proud of all the amazing scholarship applicants. Congratulations to Nicholas and Amira and best of luck!

Some Things Do Not Change

Back in 1978 Ivor Lemaire, a longtime Scripps Ranch volunteer, decided to try to control some of the speeding down Red Cedar Drive. He got out in the street and tried to slow things down by voice and hand signals. Needless to say, he quickly got back on the sidewalk for safety, and I took down the license plate and gave it to the police. Whether police could or would do something after the fact did not matter, as I believe the speeder learned a lesson, which was to perhaps slow down and not endanger a pedestrian.

I am repeating this item since we hear almost every week about pedestrians hit and killed while in crosswalks and walking along roads all across San Diego County. Please slow down. The person you save can be yourself or a neighbor. Drive with care and courtesy—it’s our Scripps Ranch way.

A Special Month

A very special month I always look forward to is June, coming after Memorial Day, as it contains so many memorable days for the Dingeman family. D-Day, Gaye and my wedding anniversary—73 years…wow!—graduation from West Point in 1945, and Father’s Day!

Hope June was not “gloom” for you but bright and shiny. As we count our blessings we must extend our heartfelt thanks to all the caregivers who help our community’s seniors and disabled every day. God bless!

Bob Dingeman