Don’t Forget to Vote

As announced in last month’s Newsletter, there will be a ballot measure in May seeking to increase the assessment for both of Scripps Ranch’s Land Maintenance Assessment Districts (MAD). Yes, we have two separate and distinct districts with their own budgets and managers. We are working to make the ballot measure clear as to why there is a need for the increase in funds.

I hope you will vote "yes," and provide the same overwhelming support (87%) as you did for the last Proposition 2l8 ballot. Both our MADs maintain the appearance of our Ranch and our recreational playing fields. They also enhance the value of our homes and contribute to our quality of life in many ways.

In managing the MADs, we always strive to give all residents their money’s worth in quality service at the least cost. After all, the assessment is another tax for us all.

Because we have two MADs on the Ranch, we will have two ballot measures. Each applies only to the district in which you live. I make this point, as there is a difference in assessment that is explained on the ballot.

If you have any questions, call Bob Dingeman at 566-6083 for the Scripps Ranch MAD, and Jan Kane at 547-0612 for the Miramar Ranch North MAD. You can also call the Parks and Rec Department at 6l9-685-1360. Remember, you must return your ballot for it to count. Thanks for your support.

Water Authority Construction

The Water Authority is completing the installation of another major aqueduct across Scripps Lake Drive at Red Cedar Drive. As promised, they are keeping one lane open at all times and have two very competent flag personnel to assist in traffic control. The tunnel that runs along Scripps Lake Drive is proceeding well. The retaining wall, which will have the same appearance as the Meanley Wall, is being completed and should enhance the entrance to our library.

The Most Often Heard Complaint

The most frequent complaint heard from all sectors of the Ranch is traffic! This includes speeding, failure to stop at stop signs, running red lights, ignoring pedestrians, dropping off children near schools in an unsafe manner, and lack of civility in driving. We have mentioned this for years.

We have asked the police to monitor speeding. We have purchased, and will use more often, a speed monitoring device to show you the speed you are traveling.

In the final analysis, it is you, the driver, who will make the difference in making our streets and highways safe. Drive safely and with civility. The lives you save and the accidents you prevent will be for our collective benefit.

Lock Your Garages

Just a reminder that the "casual" thief can enter an open garage and quickly make off with valuable items. You should habitually close and lock your garage doors. Foil the crooks who seem to appear during spring and summer, when you may leave the door open after working outside. Also, the San Diego Police Department recommends you secure with dead bolts your side entrance doors that provide access to the garage.

Police Requests

We have received, and passed to the police department, many requests for increased surveillance of our parks, especially after hours and on weekends. We have had an unfortunate rash of vandalism and other activities, including cutting the chain closing Lakeview Park.

Also, for the first time in months, some graffiti vandals hit our area. Call me when you see this so we can remove it quickly and not give them the exposure they desire.

Ugh, I Saw a Rat in the Hall!

In Scripps Ranch, there are an abundance of what are called tree rats. They live in piles of brush, in our attics and, it seems, everywhere. They get rather bold after awhile. Rat traps baited with peanut butter seem to work best to catch the little critters. The rats can enter your home through a tiny hole and chew on your insulation. They sound like a herd of horses in your walls and ceiling.

We do not recommend poison as it could affect pets. Also, the rat could die in your walls and then create a new problem. County Vector Control can come out and help. Their phone number is 694-2888. Call and ask for an inspection. They are very good at pinpointing entrances into your home. You also should remove any tree branches that touch your roof to avoid that entrance into your attic.

Water Needed

Yes, we need water in Evan’s Pond. Despite promises from the water department to flush out their pipes and give us the untreated water, it has failed to happen. We will try again, as the level of Evan’s Pond is truly the lowest I have seen in 25 years.

Clean Up Day Assistance

We want to thank Johnny Perkins for coming to our rescue and securing the dumpsters needed for our spring Clean Up Day. The usual suppliers backed out and Johnny stepped in to help. The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) agreed to pick up items not sold at the spring Garage Sale the week before.

We regret that Goodwill elected not to come this year. Their crew of helpers and drivers have not only collected items for reuse, but also helped unload items for the past four Clean Up Days. Their assistance, as well as collection of many items, served the community well. They will be missed.

Bob Dingeman