Have a Happy Summer

Despite the tensions of the world and our local fires, this is the time to make time to be with family. Go on a picnic, go to the pool or the beach, and enjoy the freedoms we cherish. Enjoy the feeling of family.

The seemingly never-ending TV fare of the Westerfield trial will soon be over and it reemphasizes our need for "quality" time together. Try it. You will enjoy it and the rewards for all are incalculable.

MAD Increase Approved!

I am happy to report that the needed increase in assessments for the Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) and the Miramar Ranch North MAD were both approved. They go into effect with the July budget.

Thanks to all of you who supported the efforts. The increase in both MAD assessments is needed and will permit us to maintain, as well as, increase our maintenance.

The increases will also accommodate such things as increases in water cost and removal of trees. Please advise your MAD committees of your requests for service in your area.

Hendrix Pond

We have reevaluated the maintenance of Hendrix Pond. We have added more chemicals and water, and cleaned out some of the accumulated scum. As an artificial pond, we need to devote time and money to maintaining it, as it is one of the jewels in our midst.

We ask for your cooperation to keep it clean. Please do not catch and then abandon fish in the pond. If your catch is not wanted, remove the hooks carefully and return the fish to the pond. The residents surrounding the pond help maintain its appearance and report deficiencies. Thanks, you are a great help.

Fire Season

Fire season is still here and conditions are very dangerous, so please be vigilant. Remind your children not to play with any fire devices. The Fire Department policy on clearing away brush and debris from your yards and outside your fences has been redone and copies of the brochure are available at the Information Center and the library. I also have copies outside my door at 10292 Aviary Drive. (See page 19 for excerpts from the brochure and measures to take for getting approval from the city to clear brush).

The brush clearing program using the Alpha crews is underway. Call me at 566-6083 if you and your neighbors want to clear an area and need the collections to be picked up. They constitute a fire hazard. Our collective efforts and vigilance will certainly help in any fire. So, please, do your part.

As a follow up to the June fire, we have asked City Attorney Casey Gwinn to send us the city policy on enforcement of fire safety and the responsibility and consequences of starting a fire. When we get it, we will include it in the SRCA Newsletter.

Fire Proofing Shake Shingle Roofs

Most of the homes built in the older section of Scripps Ranch had shake shingle roofs guaranteed not to leak for 30+ years. The only trouble is they are not fire proof. As fires in Southern California have shown, homes with shake shingle roofs are at higher risk.

After one particularly disastrous Los Angeles fire, an evaluation was made of what could be done to reduce the vulnerability of shake shingles to fire, possibly by spraying a substance on them. All of the sprays used will enhance the fire retardant capability of the roof to some extent.

We were not able to find any product that could make the shake shingle really fire proof or be effective for any length of time. Please check any claims made and ask for a demonstration to make sure you get what you need.

San Diego Strategic Framework Plan

The city of San Diego has proposed revising the General Plan titled "Strategic Framework Element, City of Villages." It has been presented and discussed at many community meetings, workshops, and forums. The "City of Villages" is a concept that brings together commercial, office, and multi-family residential buildings. If approved, it would apply to the Alliant International University campus and the property surrounding it.

On August 15, the Planning Commission considered the document. The concept has elicited many reservations as to whether it can be applied from a practical standpoint and these continue to be expressed. The reservations include:

  • The plan does not identify the sources of financing to make it feasible. Without detailed financial backing, the concept cannot be built;
  • The concept of "infilling," or constructing new buildings in many and all vacant spaces, in many instances will be counter to the content, intent, and provisions of approved Community Plans.
  • The voice of the Community Planning Groups, which are organized by City Council directive and function as a recommending agency for the Planning Department, appears to be muted or lost. There are community concerns as to impacts on quality of life, traffic mitigation, schools, and many other issues.

At the end of an 11-hour hearing, the Planning Commission completed its recommendation to the City Council. The Planning Commission decided not to support some conditions and stated that other conditions would be addressed by the Planning Commission recommendation. The City Council considers the Strategic Framework Element on Monday, Sept. 23.

San Diego needs a clear and well-defined General Plan which anticipates and meets the future needs of the city for housing, traffic control, schools, libraries, water, sewers, and all other infrastructure to make it work. Available resources should be used for the greatest good and public benefit.

We need to continue to work together to produce the viable and effective product that can be financed and brought to fruition. It is apparent that we are not yet there. Further work and realistic inputs are still needed from the community that will be most affected by the "infilling" and construction.

School Starts–Drive Carefully

Our schools open on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Give yourself a little extra time to drop off your children and bring a high level of tolerance, care, and consideration of others. The first day, and in fact the first week, is usually the worst for traffic. Your cooperation with the safety patrol directions is needed.

Also, do not drop off your children in the middle of the street and do not park and leave your car in the "No Parking" zones. Finally, drive slowly around the schools. Give the children a brake!

Start of the Year Advice

The City Code and Neighborhood Compliance Division has been asked to provide some advice on commonly asked questions at the start of the new school year. Here are some specific items for use and compliance.

  • Portable basketball devices–They can be placed in your driveway, but cannot be put in the streets or on the sidewalks as they can be a hazard.
  • Construction debris in streets–Excavated dirt and other debris cannot be left on city streets without a permit. With a permit, you must still properly mark and light the piles and remove them at the earliest date.
  • Encroachment into city-owned open space–You are not permitted to go beyond your property line and erect fences, construct structures, or plant trees and grass. You will be forced to remove such encroachments or the city will remove it and charge you. You can clear out debris and fire fuel, but not "clear-cut" the area.
  • Changes to your home–Any alteration, change, or construction done to your home and property should have a proper permit. Find out if you need one before you start. Otherwise, you may have to do the work again or face a fine.
  • Parking boat trailers, RVs, trailers, and trucks on streets–City ordinances state that these items cannot be parked for more than 72 hours on a city street or they are subject to being ticketed and towed.

Volunteers Needed

Scripps Ranch always needs residents to step forward to do essential community functions. Now is the time to volunteer. We need people for the following roles. Please call me at 566-6083 for details about these positions.

Graffiti Buster: We need someone to chair this committee that has an outstanding record of rapid removal of graffiti. It only requires occasional work. The person needs to respond quickly to reports of graffiti. The paint, rollers, brushes, and other items are on hand for immediate use. The chair would also organize community efforts for a big job.

Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions (CC&Rs): Do you like to see well-kept houses and lawns–everything contributing to a fine quality of life and enhanced home values? Then the CC&Rs committee is for you. It requires a sense of fair play and an ability to convince people to cooperate.

Clean-Up Days: Our chair for the past two years, John LaBar, is moving. We need a replacement to coordinate these community efforts, which include a Fall and Spring Clean-up Day following a Ranch-wide Garage Sale. All information and contacts are in a notebook, and it’s only twice a year.

SRCA Business Meeting

The September SRCA meeting is the Annual Business Meeting. Reports of actions and planned activities for the coming fiscal year are made for consideration, as well as items to be recommended for the annual budget.

We will have written financial reports from standing committees and projections of needs. If you have suggestions for consideration, you may mail them to me at 10292 Aviary Drive, or come to the meeting and make your presentation. It helps to have it written out so it saves time and there are fewer questions.

The meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 7 pm. It will be held at the Information Center on Cypress Canyon Road.

Candidates’ Forum

The Candidates’ Forum for the finalists in the November elections will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at the Scripps Ranch Library. It starts with a 7 pm social, and the candidates speak at 7:30 pm. SRCA District 1 Representative Mike Gallivan chairs the forum.

Come hear the candidates and make your choice for the November election. This is your opportunity to see, hear, and question candidates for the School Board, Congress, State Senate and Assembly, and local offices. We need active citizen participation–that’s you! Our skilled and experienced moderator, Rick Parke, will once again host the meeting and keep it on track and on time.

Patriotic Support

Once our American flag has become worn out, it should receive an honorable destruction by burning. The city of San Diego has arranged for all the fire stations to receive and hold old flags. If you have an old flag, take it to Fire Station 37 in a small plastic bag. They deliver them about once a month to the local VFW for proper burning.

Regional Teen Center

If your teenager does not know about the Mira Mesa Regional Teen Center called "Epicentre," now is the time to check it out. It is in the old library site on Mira Mesa Boulevard, adjacent to IHOP Restaurant. It offers a variety of safe and monitored activities for a range of interests. We have just hired a new manager, Jennifer Long, and she is open to ideas and suggestions to make it even better for all young people. Give it a try.




I-15 at Pomerado Road

The Big 5 has been meeting with CalTrans and city traffic engineers concerning changes to the I-15 interchange at Pomerado Road. The Big 5 is a group made up of representatives from various community groups who are continuing to review the Rancho Encantada project.

A proposed Value Engineering or Value Analysis Study specifically oriented to the intersection has been suggested. We hope to ensure that the allocation of $3 million in the settlement agreement to CalTrans will produce the increased traffic flow needed for the additional traffic generated by Rancho Encantada. We also want to ensure the $3 million can be used in a worthwhile fashion for our community.

New Commanding General at MCAS Miramar

Brigadier General Jon Gallinetti, United States Marine Corps, has assumed command of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar. General Bowdon left for Camp Pendleton. Our new General is a graduate of the California State University Fresno and has served many tours in the area, so he knows us well.

The General and his wife, Janice, were welcomed to Scripps Ranch at our 4th of July parade where he was introduced to all of the VIP guests. We welcome him aboard, as we have many dealings with MCAS Miramar. General Bowdon established the close working relationship we now have and we expect it to continue. Semper Fi!

Miramar Reservoir Expansion

I am sure you have noticed that the final paving at the Red Cedar and Scripps Lake Drive corner is completed. We will adjust the traffic signal for better traffic control. We will also ask for several other intersections to be checked as to timing, with the idea of enhancing the smooth flow of traffic and still being safe.

The new security fencing is about 75% complete. As you noted, we were able to open the dam with proper security in place for the traditional Old Pros 10K Fun Run and Bike Ride. This went without a hitch and we hope to do it again now that we have shown it will work.

As to whether the dam will reopen for foot traffic, that matter has been again referred to the Governor. We have no indication as to what will happen.

The aqueduct work is on schedule and the tunnel is now being lined with the new aqueduct. For your information, the road and traffic interruptions on Scripps Ranch Blvd. are the two Black Mountain aqueducts, which will go to Rancho Los Penasquitos. Expect traffic interruptions to continue for months. I suggest that when it goes under I-15, you take another route until the project is completed.

Dangerous Trees

Please continue to call, or better yet drop me a note at [[email protected]], if there is a tree in the open space that you feel poses a danger to your home. We have Geographical Information System (GIS) maps of all the open space, so we know whether it is private or city property. We cannot touch private property.

We have almost exhausted the $62,000 that Councilmember Maienschein secured for us for lerp-killed trees. That shows you the extent of our dead tree problem, which was made even more apparent by the recent fire.