Starting the New Year Right

This is a special year, a millennium year, and as such deserves a special New Year’s resolution. If you find resolutions helpful, some excellent ones are listed below for your consideration:

  • Be more attentive to the needs of my family and save family time each day;
  • Help the children with their school work and support the teachers and our schools;
  • Participate in worthwhile community activities in this fine community of Scripps Ranch; and
  • Be a good citizen and role model in my actions.

Try one or two. You will be pleased with the results. Happy New Year to you all and may it be a healthy and productive year filled with accomplishments and pride.

Holiday Celebration

What a fantastic family event — our annual tree lighting and song celebration. It was a bright and crisp evening and in our Scripps Ranch tradition, it did not rain on us. Councilwoman Barbara Warden was introduced and welcomed by Wes Danskin, SRCA President, to this our l7th annual celebration. Santa had arrived earlier, with candy canes and patches for all, and collected the toys for the USMC Reserve Toys for Tots program.

We collected three truck loads of toys, again surpassing our previous contributions to this wonderful program in which the gifts from Scripps Ranch children are distributed to those less fortunate. We accepted with pleasure a certificate from the Marines for our participation.

Barbara then led the countdown of all the children and lit our beautiful community Christmas tree. The sound of young voices raised in songs of the holiday celebration concluded the family activity with hot chocolate and cookies supplied by Mary Jo Longo and the Girl Scouts. This has become another fine Ranch tradition. If you missed it this year, mark your calendar to come for next year.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Just a reminder to bring your discarded Christmas trees to the far west end of Hoyt Park and to follow our simple rules to keep the site clean and allow for quick pickup by the City, which started on Dec. 27 and will continue through Sunday, Jan. 16:

  • Remove all stands and ornaments;
  • No flocked trees because they cannot be mulched;
  • No trash, debris, plastic covers, etc.;
  • Keep the site clean and neat as it is across the street from residents’ homes in beautiful Hoyt Park.

The City plans to pick up frequently since they could not identify a second site north of the lake as they had last year. Next year we will again strive to have Hoyt Park available as well as a site north of the lake. But in the meantime, Hoyt Park must serve the entire Ranch this year. With your help, it should be no problem. Happy recycling!

Recognition Night

What a happy event on Tuesday, Dec. l4, as we recognized the fine work of so many volunteers who make Scripps Ranch such a wonderful place in which to live. Dorothy Mildice surpassed herself in a superb organization and Marc Sorensen as Master of Ceremonies moved the program along with humor and good will.

Our Citizens of the Year are Katie Sullivan and Bob “Hitch” Hitchcox. Both of these wonderful volunteers have devoted thousands of hours of their personal time to make Scripps Ranch a better place for us all. Katie’s focus has been getting and improving the Library for Scripps Ranch. Hitch’s focus has been the Scripps Ranch Community Theater where he is writer, producer, and all-round advocate. We also especially honored Karen Wood with the Energizer Bunny award for her continuing services to the community.

Congratulations to these three and to rest of the 100+ recipients who received Certificates of Achievement, or who were identified as Distinguished Volunteers, or who received their Community Service pins and can wear them proudly. If you were there, you saw a room filled with beaming faces in an audience filled with good cheer because of the pleasure in seeing good works recognized and appreciated–Scripps Ranch at its best!

Schools and Parks

We as a community are faced with some daunting challenges and choices concerning the future direction that we as a community should take in meeting our school enrollment problems and park overuse problems.

We have several committees working on these so please keep abreast of the planning and make your constructive comments to the committee members so we have the best ideas possible and then we can and will seek a consensus for change. As usual, summaries of these committee meetings will be in the SRCA Newsletter along with contact numbers and dates when you can attend the meetings yourself. It is through your participation that we will continue to make a difference.

In terms of schools, we face an increase in student population, and we are near or have surpassed our saturation point in school facilities, so solutions will require compromises and unfortunately some changes, probably before next September. The topics include Fairbrook, elementary and middle school boundary issues, development of the 4th elementary school, and capacity and expansion of Scripps Ranch High School.

Alan Bersin, Schools Superintendent, will be our guest at a Town Hall community meeting on Jan. l3, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Scripps Ranch library. Please see the special announcement in the News section of this Newsletter for further information.

The school crowding and park overuse issues are typically entwined so we are working together with both the school district and the City Park and Rec Department to increase the amount of recreational facilities in our community. Part of that effort is preparing discussion papers on key topics such as joint use of scarce playing fields and their maintenance. The task is not easy, but we are committed to being successful.

Water Plant Expansion

The joint committee on the planned expansion of the Miramar Lake water plant is proceeding well with identification of various routes for the proposed pipeline construction and what impacts this construction as well as modifications of the plant itself will have on traffic, noise, etc.

Representatives from the various neighborhoods that will be most effected have sent representation to hear the testimony and make their views known. This process has been very helpful in arriving at the best solution. A copy of the planning document is updated after each meeting and is in the Library for your examination as desired.

As an aside, we asked for the water authority to flush out their pipes and put the water in Evans Pond as we have not had the rain expected. They indicated they would do this in March at the latest. A hearty thank you for the water for the pond. The ducks and fish will appreciate it, and the pond will look better. Thanks to Sarah Sandvik, plant manager.

Traffic Committee

The SRCA traffic committee under the chairmanship of Luis Biaggi is a channel into which you can funnel your comments and requests for action by the City. His charge is to coordinate all elements of traffic on the Ranch and hopefully come up with doable actions that will help alleviate the worsening traffic situations. This committee was formed because one of the key problems identified in any survey of concerns is traffic and its impact on our lives.

Plan for a U.S. Post Office in Scripps Ranch

A community meeting was held in December with representatives of the U.S. Postal Service to identify potential sites for a full-service post office in Scripps Ranch. There is a need for another post office since the Mira Mesa branch is overwhelmed and can no longer service Scripps Ranch. Much of the mail is handled now outside in trailers in the parking lot behind the Mira Mesa branch.

The actual site in Scripps Ranch will be determined after evaluation by the postal representatives. They are looking for a 2.5-acre site with good accessibility for traffic. With our limited land, this poses a problem for selection. Once a site is identified, a committee consisting of representatives from the San Diego Postmaster and others, including the community planning groups and SRCA, will be formed for the design of the building and consideration of traffic access issues.

It is hoped that we in our Scripps Ranch tradition can influence the design as we did for the new fire station. After several previous attempts to locate a post office, this present investigation is apparently serious with federal funds having been approved; so we will keep you posted.

Repair of Community Sign in SR Business Park

We are evaluating what can be done about the community erected sign in the Scripps Ranch Business Park on Carroll Canyon Road. An examination showed it had been extensively damaged by dry rot and termites after its last repair. Greg Pavlicek, who did such a fantastic job fixing the Pomerado Road sign, will try again if it is salvageable. We had the sign carved in redwood, but the backing was wrong apparently. Just wanted you to know what was happening if you notice the sign is gone.

Ideally, we would like to make replicas of the Scripps Ranch signs for use at other entrances to the Ranch. But we are unfamiliar with how this can be done. Perhaps molds can be made and some synthetic, more durable material could be used. If you can help, please call me at 566-6083.

Scripps Ranch Welcomes New President of Miramar College

The new President of Miramar College Dr. Patricia A. Keir is now a resident of Scripps Ranch. Dr. Keir comes from Michigan and brings a refreshingly open approach to enhancing the opportunities for our young people in the community college venue.

It has been our aim for years to create a close working relationship between Miramar College and our Business Park businesses to create onsite job opportunities and reduce commuting to jobs. Miramar College already is working with Scripps Ranch High School in providing college-level courses in a two-pronged effort.

It was my privilege to take Dr. Keir on the grand VIP tour of the Ranch showing her our area, giving a bit of history, and pointing out areas in which we as a community are involved. I thank Ranch resident Tom Hankins for the coordination for this tour which is mutually beneficial. Tom is an outstanding volunteer with the Northeast Division of the San Diego Police Department working in the missing juvenile area.

Happy to report that Dr. Keir was most impressed with our community spirit and can-do approach to problem solving. Welcome Patricia!

Candidates Night in February for Primary Election

Put on your tentative calendar that we are trying to organize a Scripps Ranch forum for candidates for public office so you can meet them on our turf and ask them questions about their campaign and the issues. We will have more information in the next issue of the Newsletter. We are trying to organize the forum for early February. so that it is prior to the primary election in March.