What a Start for the Millennium

The San Diego School Board has approved “Elizabeth Browning Scripps” for the name of our new 4th elementary school. This is a spectacular choice as it recognizes a woman of singular achievements in good works for all of San Diego. It also ties into our community.

As the first school to be constructed under Proposition MM, it is fitting that such a distinguished name be given to the school. We are happy to say our community efforts with the task force designing the school is continuing, and we look forward to a really fine school. The site as we all know has some significant problems of traffic and noise, but nothing compared to the difficulties of trying to condemn land and move homes away from needed property on which to construct a school.

We still have our community work to do in continuing pragmatic and effective planning, but we are on our way. Personnel from the school district and the architects and ourselves have united with a common purpose and that is to develop a truly signature school for the school district and the Ranch. With the selection of its name, the school achieves a life of its own. And the name can be used to tie in our community heritage with quality education and serve as a rallying point for teacher, faculty, parents, and students striving for excellence.

Wow, SR Schools Excel Again

What a delight to get a phone call and be asked what is my reaction to the state report on education and that all K-8 Scripps Ranch schools were in the upper ten percent. Jerabek was the top elementary school in the school district, and Marshall was the top middle school, with both Dingeman and Miramar Ranch Elementary not far behind.

My reaction as expected was pride of this achievement, and that it showed how with all our students, parents, teachers, and faculty working hard together, they can achieve the excellent results for quality education that has long been a hallmark of Scripps Ranch.

While we can all take a measure of pride in what is happening, it is the continuing work that makes for greater payoffs. It also means paying attention to all students and providing assistance and nurturing to those who need it. Congratulations to all you students. Well done; keep up the good work!

The Old War Horse is out of Action for a While

On January 10, at Green Hospital, Doctor Thorne operated on my back to relieve some pressure from the broken back incurred when I was shot down in a helicopter in Vietnam in 1970. I had been experiencing increased pain and inability to walk, so the operation was required to restore my mobility.

Happy to say the operation went well with no complications and no spinal fusion required. I will be home for another two weeks of recovery. Then expect to see me up and moving about–a bit slowly at first. To all who sent best wishes, flowers, or casseroles for Gaye and I–we are deeply grateful. Your prayers for swift recovery are most appreciated.

I am slowly becoming in the words of the Dingeman school children, “Mr. Bionic Scripps Ranch.” The child’s mind cuts right to the essence and with God’s help and the skill of surgeons I become that. I cannot tell you how much your kind words have helped in the swift recovery I am experiencing.

Development and the Role of the Community

Over the past 30 years, we in Scripps Ranch have pioneered in working constructively together with the City, the school district, and the developers to produce the finest community in San Diego. This has meant that residents have served on numerous committees, task forces, boards, and planning groups–all working for the common goal of securing the best possible results with the money available. It also has served to galvanize our collective actions into a potent force for progress in a host of areas for the community and the City as shown by the school results.

It also means we continue to need your support, your inputs, and your ideas to secure the best possible results for the Ranch. It means serving on planning groups and standing up for what is needed and what is right and resisting the efforts to seek easy and impractical solutions. We have many projects in the mill all of which require your efforts and mine to bring to successful conclusions.

This is the time to look at your available time and see where you can make an impact and step forward and help. For example, we need residents in our Miramar Ranch North area to fill the vacancies on the planning committee, and the SRCA is now conducting its membership drive. Join and volunteer in an area of your choice. It is our collective informed actions taken together which makes the difference.

Pride in Scripps Ranch and Confidence in the Future

It is with a great deal of pride that I see a whole new group of residents stepping forward to take the lead in actions helping the Ranch to achieve new goals and to retain what we have worked so hard to attain. It shows our confidence in the future and that we can and will be able to help shape our own destiny as we have in past.

Exercise Your Right–Vote!

The primary election on Tuesday, Mar. 7, allows you to exercise your precious right to determine the individuals who will be candidates for election to serve you in the coming years. Take a moment to become acquainted with the candidates; then vote.