SRCA Membership Drive

This is the time of the year for you to join the SRCA and work towards a better Scripps Ranch. Bob Gravina heads the membership committee and those folks have many ideas to stimulate your membership in our community-wide organization. Just fill out our new, simple membership form on page 7 and mail it in. Join your friends and neighbors and help make sure our voice is united and strong. Your membership dollars allow the SRCA to assist organizations and clubs, and sponsor the many worthwhile activities that make Scripps Ranch such a terrific place to live.

A True Friend of Scripps Ranch Completes Her Service

Rita Danskin has stepped down as editor of the SRCA Newsletter after 10 years of devoted service. She first began typing our newsletter 12 years ago and then took over as editor. During that 10-year period, circulation doubled, then doubled again as the Ranch expanded. All the while Rita met the demanding deadline each and every month for 120 months. It’s a volunteer effort unsurpassed in our community of fantastic volunteers.

Not only did she improve the layout and content, but working with Wes Danskin and Kathy Allman in advertising, Rita made it the premier community newsletter in Southern California. Scripps Ranch is the envy of other communities and is considered the “best informed” with the monthly listing of news and events.

We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Rita for all her hard work and long hours. And she did all this while handling her family and accomplishing her after-hours educational goals. As philosophers have said, “The mark of a person’s stay on this earth is for people to say ‘the world is a better place for your efforts’.” Rita, the world, and particularly Scripps Ranch, is a better place because of you. Thanks a heap!

Draft EIR for Middle School

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG), Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC), and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) have submitted comments on the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the new middle school. Included in the comments are considerations of the evaluation of each site identified for study by the school district to provide Scripps Ranch with our needed middle school.

Our comments will be included in the final EIR that will be presented to the school board and district staff for decision. Copies of the report and comments as submitted to the school board will be placed in the library for your examination.

We expect the school district to review our comments and those of others responding to the draft EIR, revise the draft EIR as appropriate, release the final EIR, and then make a selection of the most appropriate site for the new middle school. We look forward to an expedited timeframe to accomplish these remaining tasks so that the new school can open as soon as possible to accommodate the increasing number of school children in Scripps Ranch.

This move to construct a full-sized middle school is an important action in the history of the Ranch and has, of course, generated a variety of opinions as to size, locations, etc., all of which are contained in the comments submitted. In my view, we may have already lost a year of time, but we still retain as our community goal to open the new middle school in the year 2005. Changes in the state of California school funding may impact the decision, but we hope it remains doable under Proposition MM funding as planned. Keep alert and posted, as this is important for our children and, of course, their education.

Planning Group Elections

The annual election of members of both planning groups occurs at their scheduled March meetings, which will be held the first and third Tuesdays of March. Election is for a two-year period for SRPG and four-year period for MRNPC. If you are interested, register this month as a general member so you can vote, and attend a meeting or two to qualify. More information about the planning groups is on page 27.

Over the years, the role of the planning groups has remained to represent the best interests of Scripps Ranch in planning and development actions. Our community’s clout in this arena has remained very high. We are known for doing the needed study and evaluations, examining the available alternatives, and recommending or modifying proposals for the most acceptable and financially doable alternatives.

Over the years our community input has been the vital ingredient to changes in plans we have been able to secure. Suffice it to say most of the changes and advantages we now enjoy are the direct result of our volunteers’ efforts. It really pays off in our future. So if you are inclined, see the separate article on page 27 and come to the scheduled meetings in February and March.

Rancho Encantada Status

The Newsletter article in last month’s “Dialogue” section by resident Craig Jones concerned his initiation of a lawsuit against McMillin regarding the Ranch Encantada project. He reached a settlement agreement with the city and the developer. This settlement agreement, as well as McMillin’s separate letter concerning it, has been received.

Now we as a community have been asked to evaluate and comment on the provisions of the settlement agreement. This agreement includes changes in the position taken on the project by Scripps Ranch organizations and which the city council approved. Although the project is in Council District seven, it has a big impact on our community.

After further study and deliberations, we will communicate to the city our findings which respect to all the elements in our community plans. As you recall, we stated that only with certain specific “conditions” concerning traffic mitigation, which McMillin concurred with, would we recommend favorable consideration of the project. We recognized that “the official recommendation” would come from the San Diego city planning commission as per council directive. Again stay tuned.

Candidates Forum, Feb. 12

A Candidates Forum for those running in the March 5 primary election will be held as a part of the SRCA meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12. The meeting starts at 7 pm, with the first 30 minutes devoted to discussing the Rancho Encantada settlement agreement actions. The Candidates Forum follows. This will be your chance to meet some of the candidates for public office, hear their short remarks, and read their campaign literature.

Mike Gallivan, the new SRCA District 1 Representative, is the chair of this committee and has arranged the forum. Our experienced moderator Rick Parke will preside. Come hear the candidates and ask questions. The primary election determines the final two candidates for the general election this fall.

Repair of Playground Equipment

If you noticed the yellow tape surrounding the well-used children’s play area in Hoyt Park, we have done this to accomplish some needed repairs. We will undertake these repairs immediately and get the play areas back on line as soon as we can. We also are still trying to complete the installation of new equipment on our two tot lots, located on Semillon and Forestview Roads. The city removed the playground equipment because it did not conform to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Our position is simply that we as a community planned and paid for the equipment installed with our assessment money. And, although the city was directed to bring it up to ADA standards, the replacement of our play equipment is a bona fide city expense.

Speed Monitoring Device Available for Use

The speed monitoring device purchased by the SRCA for use by the RSVP is now fully operational. If you desire to have it positioned on your street for speed monitoring and control, please call the San Diego police storefront at 538-8120. This is an additional service and support effort by the RSVP. We have trained individual patrol members and equipped the vehicles with the device. Normally we will position the device on Tuesday for this purpose. We are receiving good results from its use, so call in your requests.

Migrant Workers at 7/11

We have received a number of complaints about migrant workers gathering outside the 7/11 store trying to secure employment. We have called the San Diego Police migrant officer as the workers have been littering. We have worked out a solution; however, if you see it is not working, please call me at 566-6083.

Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

If have a yen or the aptitude to investigate and rectify problems and violations in the appearance and maintenance of our homes, you could become the chairman of the CC&R committee. This very important community service helps preserve and enhance our homes and their collective appearance. It requires interest, tact, and, of course, a willingness to listen and come up with solutions. Give me a call at 566-6083 if you’re interested and I can provide you with particulars.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Thanks for all your help in making the collection of discarded Christmas trees such a success. We were happy the City picked up the trees rapidly so the sites stayed clear. The trees are mulched by the city, and if you desire, you can get mulch for your personal use.

Brian’ s Help is Appreciated

We as a community benefited this past week from the personal efforts of our councilperson Brian Maienschein on our behalf. First of all, we requested additional city funding for the removal of the dead trees killed by the Lerp infestation and the planting of replacement trees. We estimated that several hundred trees would have to be removed, greatly exceeding our budget. As the problem was citywide, we made the case that the city could augment our funding and we could probably handle it. Through Brian’s efforts, we have been allocated the $60,000 requested which will help in maintaining other needed services. Brian also specifically earmarked the money for our account so it cannot be diverted.

Brian also helped us with the new fire station. When Station #37 was dedicated, the community planned for the inclusion of a fire safety education program for our school children, including special classes. The SRCA contributed $2,000 to the fund purchase of the necessary video display equipment. Wes Danskin located the proper equipment and it was installed by opening day. We asked for Brian’s help to get the city to contribute the remaining $4,000 to complete the project. At the EBS school dedication, Brian presented the check we needed to the delight and wonder of the firefighters.

Thanks Brian for all your help. We as a community can only do so much, but we need Brian’s final push and support to get many things with the city done–that is the democratic system at work. We win some and lose some, but Brian enhances our success rate. As they say in Australia “a good day.”

Thought for the Day

I like this and wanted to share it with you all:

  • Yesterday is past!
  • Tomorrow is the future!
  • Today is a gift!
  • That’s why it’s called the present.

At my age I count every day a blessing and hope I do my best to use it properly. Hope you all do too.