Thanks A Heep!

I am happy to say I finally got clearance from the doctor and am back to driving my car and can begin to attend meetings and the like. Thanks for your patience and understanding and of course your best wishes during the past month. I must admit I have never been confined to a bed and then restricted for a month at a time, and it got a bit boring. But then thanks to email, I could keep in touch with lots of wonderful people all working for the best interests of Scripps Ranch.

Our Plate is Full of Needed Community Actions

As you read in the Newsletter, I am sure you are impressed as am I with the full slate of activities, all of which will impact on the life of residents ranging from schools, to traffic, to development. The work of the planning groups has never been more important than now. March is the membership recruitment month for the planning groups, and both have vacancies for new members. We need new members with new ideas, new enthusiasm for Scripps Ranch activities, and new concepts of what our future will hold.

After spending 23 years as a member of both planning groups, I would encourage one and all to consider becoming a member. We as a community have made the planning groups’ advisory responsibility to the City Planning Department and to the City Council a potent force for what we want to preserve and achieve.

The local community planning groups cannot and do not forbid anything; they are advisory and do insist that the necessary schools, parks, roads, etc. are provided at the same time. Without their actions, I do not know what it would be like; certainly not as good as we have now.

Nomination of SRCA Officers

We are seeking your recommendations and nominations for officers of the SRCA for the coming two years. As Chairman of the nominating committee, I will welcome any names of individuals either as you volunteer yourself, or volunteer another resident who you feel will do the job for the community. There are really no job experience requirements except to have an:

  • Interest in working for a better Scripps Ranch; and a
  • Willingness to attend meetings, review suggested actions, and work toward doable solutions.

Please call me at 566-6083, email me at [[email protected]], or send a note to l0292 Aviary Drive.

We are interested in nominations for all officer positions and all even-numbered District Representative positions. We always have been blessed with volunteers who step forward when we need them, and the devoted and effective services from the present officers is exemplary. Give me a call soon so we can have our slate for the annual meeting in April.

Membership in the SRCA

If you have not yet joined the SRCA, this is the time to join your friends and neighbors and make this the largest membership ever. We can speak in a united voice for things we need. The SRCA also devotes all the funds collected to supporting good projects and many organizations on the Ranch.

As we have no paid officers and our devoted residents deliver our l0,000 newsletters monthly, we are in the position to really help organizations as well as individuals. For example last month, the SRCA approved $300 to send each of two students to civic leadership training and $500 as an initial donation to the SRHS band and marching unit to make their trip to China in August.

Our Treasurer Brian Allman reported that all of the requests for funding have been mailed out for the year. It is always a pleasure to see all the things that your membership money can cause to happen.

MCAS Technical Committee

The MCAS Technical Committee is still awaiting decisions from the Marine Corps as to planned changes in flight paths. As you recall a number of proposals were made by residents of communities impacted by noise. Rancho Bernando for example wanted to remove all the helicopter flights from the I-l5 corridor and shift them east. Of course the cities to the east immediately protested so it was back to the Marines to evaluate the safest operational routes.

When a decision is announced, I will publish it. Suffice to say, no matter what decision is made, the overflights will impact some residents. Major efforts have been made to divert helicopter flights to the coast route. For the Buick Open at Torrey Pines, flights were curtailed or shifted back to the I-15 route, and of course the usual noise complaints were generated. The Marines are still trying. Stay tuned.

Our Open Spaces

We have received a number of requests for information on the open space in Scripps Ranch, and I will prepare a summary of its history as well as what we can do with our current system.

In a recent San Diego Union Tribune article, the Farm Advisor reported that a small wasp has been identified that is a natural predator of the prevalent Lerp disease affecting about 30 percent of our eucalyptus trees. I have written and suggested that our relatively concentrated community would be an excellent place to conduct the tests needed for controlling the Lerp.

As the Lerp infestation is so widespread, San Diego is most interested in getting this started. We may have some expenses to do this but we have sufficient reserve funds in the landscape maintenance district to help in financing this and preserving our trees and doing a service for the state as well. We are monitoring what is happening as we anticipate with the welcome rain that all of the trees will begin to recoup; at least we hope so.