Candidates Night a Success

Scripps Ranch hosted the annual SRCA Candidates Night on Feb. 12. A large crowd showed up to hear from the candidates running in the March primary. All the candidates were pleased, of course, to appear before so many people and to mingle with them and leave their literature. First-time chairman Mike Gallivan arranged the program and it went off very smoothly. The elegant, yet firm, manner and skill of our traditional moderator Rick Parke kept it on track.

We had no less than 21 candidates and more would have liked to come. Mike set up a system of three minutes for each person and they had a chance to answer at least two general questions. Mike has typed out all the questions and they will be provided to all SRCA District Representatives. Because most questions concerned schools and the election for the School Board, copies also will be provided to all candidates as well as to the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee. Remember, your vote is the most precious right we have in our democracy. Vote the candidate of your choice and vote wisely!

We will hold another Candidates Night on Tuesday, Oct. 8, before the November general election. At that time, we will change the format, as we must include the new election district boundaries that the “computer gentlemen in Sacramento” have placed in effect. I am sorry I did not check these more carefully. I went to the Registrar of Voters and secured the five maps in question and will post them in the Information Center. The major changes are:

l. We will not be in Congressman Cunningham’s 50th congressional district, but will be in Congressman Duncan Hunter’s 52nd district. I contacted his office and sent copies of the SRCA Newsletter. I expect he will visit us now that we are part of his district. Congressman Cunningham will continue to represent us until 2003. Then, whoever is elected to the 52nd district in November will take over.

2. This one really distresses me. The gentlemen in Sacramento drew the boundary between the 76th and the 77th Assembly Districts right down Pomerado Road. So, we have a politically divided community. All residents living south of Pomerado Road are in the 77th district; those on the north are in the 76th district.

As you recall a few years ago, we made a big issue of using Pomerado Road as a dividing line when the City Council proposed that, and we won. With the state, we apparently lost and no one knew it. You can say “but we now have two representatives,” but we all know how that works.

For you history buffs and new residents, when this action by the City was proposed and endorsed by our then councilwoman, we recalled her from office. I’m afraid we cannot take that sort of action this time. We, however, will ensure that our community voice continues to be heard–loudly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems we still have politics as usual.

4-acre Rec Parcel Actions

Peter Wulff, SRCA District Representative and a designated SRCA member of the 4-Acre Parcel Committee, presented a motion, recommended for adoption by the committee, to the SRCA on Feb.12. The motion was approved and stated: That the 4-acre parcel be developed by the YMCA as a family-oriented, multi-purpose facility. It is further recommend that the city and the YMCA immediately initiate a community needs assessment survey.

This recommendation reflects the results of the subcommittee’s survey and the criteria established by the subcommittee:

  • That uses must serve the entire family;
  • That the development and operations be entrusted to a “major player;”
  • That programs and uses should not duplicate the SR Recreation Center; and
  • That uses must be consistent with the MRN community plan and that land use must be consistent with the parcel footprint.

Councilman Brian Maienschein has assisted by securing city funds for this comprehensive survey. It will determine the level of support, the facilities that could be provided, and also whether the YMCA can provide the funding for the construction of a facility to meet community and YMCA needs. It is hoped a comprehensive needs report, with community input, can be ready in eight months

Spring Clean-up Scheduled

John LaBar, chairman of our Spring and Fall Clean-up Days, announced the dates of both the Garage Sale and the Spring Clean-up Day. They are:

  • Garage Sale, Saturday, Apr. 20; and
  • Spring Clean-up Day, Saturday, Apr. 27 from 8 am-12 pm.

Mark your calendars to clean up and pick up both your property and the common areas. The Ranch you clean is your home!

Fabricated Incident at Jerabek

Three young men fabricated a story of an attack on them in a bathroom at Jerabek Elementary School. The teacher immediately reported it and within minutes the police arrived at the school. It was a false alarm and the young men have been admonished as to the problems created by their fabricating this sort of incident.

The system worked very well. Happy that it was a false alarm. Just wanted you all to know that principal Tom Liberto handled it calmly and efficiently. He informed all the other schools on the Ranch immediately of the new facts in order to stop speculation and TV coverage. Thanks Tom! And thanks to all our teachers and principals who put the children first in both education and security. We appreciate your hard work.

Water in Evans Pond

We know that the water level in Evans Pond is low. In fact, it is the lowest it has been in 20 years. We again asked the Water Authority to flush out their pipes and give us some of the untreated water. The ducks will love it. If it gets any lower I am sure we will have die-off of water plants and other problems. As it is such a beautiful vista, we try to keep it up, even though it belongs to the library department, not the Landscape Maintenance District.

You may have read in the Union-Tribune that all reservoirs are low because of a lack of rain. Evans Pond benefited very little from the small amount of rain we have received to date. Pray for rain.

Removal of Lerp Killed Trees

We already have started the program of removing trees killed by the Lerp infestation. Normally, if the tree defoliates three times, the trunk dies. As you know, the eucalyptus tree will automatically drop branches or “self prune” when lack of water reduces its growing potential. We have several hundred trees to remove. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, Councilman Maienschein arranged for a special $60,000 fund for us to remove the trees safely and replant others.

Scripps Ranch Tree Policy

As I have mentioned, we are removing dead trees in the open space. I have received a number of phone calls, so I would like to restate our policy on trees in open spaces.

l. If you feel a tree adjacent to your property, fence, etc., poses a safety problem to your home or property, call me at 566-6083 or Layton Galloway at 619-685-1369.

2. Layton and I will come out and check the tree in question. We cannot remove trees on private property. That is why we check.

3. We make one of three determinations:

  • The tree is a problem and the Land Maintenance District (LMD) will remove it;
  • The tree has some problems and the LMD will trim it properly; or
  • The tree has some problems, but they are not considered sufficient for the expenditure of LMD funds. We will give you permission to hire a qualified tree arborist to trim it.

The city does not authorize the removal of trees to protect or restore your view. This is in full recognition that the developer probably required you to pay extra for the “view.”

Landscape Maintenance Districts

We have been able at last to secure some excellent GIS maps of both the Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North LMDs. These maps show all open space acreage, HOA brush management, etc. They will be wonderful management tools. They will also show residents the scope of activity of our two LMDs and how they contribute to the appearance and quality of life in Scripps Ranch. Please refer to pages 20-21 where the Special Report includes maps and a description of the proposed rate increase that will be mailed to you shortly.

Fire Safety

As the Fallbrook fire showed with the destruction of 40-plus homes, a devastating fire can be fanned by high winds and play havoc with a community. Although we now have our own brush rig and can respond quickly, we all need to be vigilant. Report fires immediately, and clear out brush and debris around your property. We will have our Spring Clean-up Day in April to assist you in getting rid of your cuttings.

Traffic Controls

In every community meeting, the subject of traffic control and speeding come up. Please watch your speed and slow down, especially near our schools. We will position the speed monitoring devices on our streets shortly to show your speed. The SDPD Traffic Division also will be on our streets in different locations. They use radar and give tickets, so be aware. The intent is to enhance the safety of motorists who travel on our streets. Thanks for your help.

Dog Controls

I regret to say I still receive reports of and see individuals exercising their dogs off-leash in open spaces, parks, and in school play areas. These dogs are being allowed to run loose, chase balls, etc. You are reminded that San Diego city ordinances call for your dog to be leashed.

We need your cooperation before we have another incident like we had in Hoyt Park. A dog off-leash attacked a dog on a leash and terrified the baby in the stroller where the dog was attached. Also many pet owners are not picking up after their pets. Please don’t leave dog doo doo for others to avoid or step in. Thanks for your help. I received three complaints of dog messes lining the rim of Miramar Reservoir. So, if you walk or run with your dog there, please pick up after them.

Lake Miramar Users Please Note

With the closure of the dam, we have had an increased incidence of near accidents between people who ride bikes, rollerblade, etc., faster than conditions permit. Please keep to the right and respect others so hikers, bikers, strollers, and the occasional vehicle can safely enjoy our wonderful recreational facility. We have asked for greater enforcement, as the safety of all users remains a top priority.

EBS School Farmer’s Market

Bev Cassity, manager of the EBS School’s Farmer’s Market announced that they have received permission to move the market into the school courtyard. They have been using the EBS school bathrooms and paying for the parking lot clean up.

Bev says that this change will free up more parking spaces for the Farmers Market and users of the adjacent Spring Canyon Park, in particular youth sports. It also will improve the market for the growing number of customers. It’s nice to see a win-win situation for a school fundraiser and for parents who bring their children to sports activities.