Keeping You Informed

Scripps Ranch residents pride ourselves in our spirit of community, our overall quality of life, and working together to achieve needed community assets and facilities for the best interests of all. To maintain this, all of us must be informed.

As a special community, we early on organized and distributed to every home a monthly newsletter. It now goes to more than l0,000 homes. We attempt to provide a balance of news and events in the Newsletter and particularly to inform you of City actions that affect the community. We count on you to read the Newsletter and to talk to your neighbors and then come back to the SRCA officers with your recommendations.

If you cannot read all of the Newsletter by all means read Rita’s editorial and News. If it is critically important it will be in those sections. We also include a fine monthly calendar so you can plan for attendance at meetings and the like. The Newsletter also is on the Internet at [].

Nothing is so frustrating to the interested resident to find out after the fact that actions have been taken on a subject affecting them and they did not know about it. Perhaps they did not understand its importance, or it slipped by them. If so, join the club. It happens all the time despite our best efforts.

Nevertheless, the Newsletter remains our best and fastest way to communicate with you. Remember however that it takes a superhuman effort to get that 88 pages to the printer and then to you in time. The deadline of the l0th for submission of articles makes some of the news not as timely as we would like. Now that we have email and a web page we have a faster means of communication. We are making progress toward being able to put more information out electronically, but we are not there yet.

Join the ranks of the better informed and read your Newsletter and ask questions. We rely on informed and concerned participation to solve problems. Again if you have a question call an SRCA officer or the SRCA District Representative for your area. These individuals are listed in the back of each Newsletter. Can we cover all of the individual concerns? No. But we can sure try.

Annual SRCA Meeting

The 30th annual birthday celebration and annual meeting of SRCA will be held Tuesday, April 11, at the Scripps Ranch Library at 7 pm. We will start with a welcome period in which we will cut our birthday cake and enjoy fellowship. After this we will have our annual meeting. At this meeting, we elect officers and hear annual reports from the standing committees and a review of the actions accomplished during the past year.

Do you have a hankering to:

  • Be apart of a parade? Join the 4th of July committee.
  • Want to help clean up the environment? Join the Cleanup Days committee.
  • Want to plan for community activities? Join the Schools committee.
  • Want to preserve property values? Join the CC&R committee.
  • Want to represent the community in the halls of the council? Join the Civic Affairs committee.
  • Want to plan rails? Join the rails committee

We have a place for all, and we need your participation. Volunteers make our community run. Come and be a part of the SRCA for the finest community in San Diego–Scripps Ranch. All are invited.

Status of Evans Pond

Evans Pond is the delightful small pond located east of the Library on Scripps Lake Drive. It is named for the original homesteader who came to Scripps Ranch and whose property Mr. E.W. Scripps purchased for his large Ranch. There is much concern about the pond and the impacts that proposed development of the adjacent business park will have on the pond and surrounding trees. Here is some information. Also turn to page 27 for more information.

Evans Pond provides a much needed adjunct to our Library and, in fact, the Library was designed with the pond in mind as a show case in front of the entrance. The Library and pond constitute parcel # l4 in the Old Meanley property that was purchased by Ron Currie and Associates of the business park. It has gone through two other owners, and BCL now is the owner of record.

When Ron purchased the property, he donated or granted parcel # l4 to the City for the Library as well as additional funds for its construction. Miramar Ranch North developers also added a million dollars to the fund making the first large Library Center in San Diego possible. We asked that the old rock wall, the last vestige of the Meanley house built in l900 be retained, and it was.

Over the years your Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District (SRLMD) assumed the function of maintaining the pond after Ron Currie accomplished some needed improvements and constructed a wooden bridge for the path. The Water Authority occasionally flushes their pipes to restore the water level which is appreciated. Your SRLMD removes excess tules and had developed plans to further improve the area; these plans will now be placed on hold until we see what is going to happen.

In examining the developers plans for Lots # 3 and # 4, we found that they plan to develop right up to the property line and this impacts on the screen of existing trees. Also, a fence is to be installed close to the existing water line making the pond less attractive. Several meetings have been held, and home owners close to the pond are assisting in determining mitigation measures.

The SRPG is specifically addressing this issue. Review their report and plan to attend the next meeting of the SRPG on Thursday, April 6, at 7 pm at the Library. Or attend the SRLMD meeting on Tuesday, April 25. We need your help to preserve this jewel of a pond.

We feel that any development would or could incorporate the pond area into an amenity for the development rather than reduce its value. We will have to wait and see what develops. Just wanted to keep you up to date If you have some ideas, call me at 566-6083. Historical data to help as well as knowledge of prior commitments would be helpful.

Candidates Forum Announced

The SRCA will use the meeting on Tuesday, Oct. l0, as our traditional Candidates Forum. We plan to invite the final candidates for the following offices so you can hear their views prior to the November election: congressional, mayoral, state assembly, county supervisor, and fifth-district councilmember. Put this date on your calendar, and we will publish further information as we get closer to the date.

Expansion of Water Plant Planning Report

The work of the joint committee for the expansion of the Scripps Ranch Water Plant is continuing at a fast pace. The highlight of our last meeting was review and approval of the answers provided to a series of comprehensive questions that we had asked. Happy to say, they were answered in a cooperative and pragmatic manner. Our close partnership in planning is continuing. We can anticipate some interruptions in our roads as the aqueducts are installed as well as some work at night.

Due to the limited space on the site, we asked for the Water Authority to select and use an off-site location for parking and for storing equipment and soil from construction. We hope to keep the road around the lake open with some changes in parking, of course. We may have to close down the reservoir for two months for no fishing when the level of the reservoir is lowered so the installation of the aqueducts can be accomplished.

Copies of all the minutes and actions taken are in the Library for your information and examination of the details. We feel keeping the Reservoir Open as a recreational asset even though it could extend the construction period is a must for the community and all the other users.

Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District (SRLMD)

Your Scripps Ranch SRLMD has earned the reputation of being the best run in the City. All 44 LMDs in San Diego operate under the same rules and regulations. But the specific operation of each–what it tries to accomplish and how–is slightly different. Ours is special for what we can do with it.

Some of the our innovative accomplishments over the past years include using the SRLMD funds to:

  • Tranform the Hoyt Park open space area–it used to be a dump, literally–into what looks like a City park. But it is maintained solely with SRLMD funds.
  • Augment maintenance of grass in our local parks so that they can be used more heavily by the many residents in league sports;
  • Place shade structures and swings in Lakeview Park.
  • Place and maintain portable toilets in park and open space locations that are used by residents, but that cannot be paid for with regular City maintenance funds. Having bathrooms– soon to be a permanent bathroom facility–in Lakeview park is an example.
  • Institute and continue spring and fall cleanup days on the Ranch.
  • Improve the open space lot on Sunset Ridge near Ancona Lane.
  • Replace old wooden playground equipment in Hoyt Park that was deemed by the City to be unsafe.
  • Install a new stage in Hoyt Park so that use of the park is easier and safer.

By being able to commit annually renewable local dollars to a project, we have been able to accomplish many things that would have died on the vine of “City funds cannot be used for that.” We bring money to the table of negotiations, and so we accomplish much more for the community.

Our accomplishments have been possible largely because of the excellent work by the City Park and Rec Department personnel who have been assigned to Scripps Ranch. We function in an advisory role, but we do our homework so our advice is accepted. It makes for a wonderful community asset.

We are blessed with a dedicated manager in Layton Galloway. We also had a built-in advocate for Scripps Ranch with resident Kevin Haupt as the overall Deputy Director of more than 44 LMDs. Kevin is being reassigned to another city position, and we are sorry to see him go. But, we wish him well and success in his new position. He has been a tremendous booster and asset to the Ranch.

We urge the Director of Park and Recreation Department, Marcia McClatchy, to use the same care in selecting his replacement so we have an efficient, responsive, and cooperative Deputy Director. After working in the SRLMD for 23 years, I truly appreciate the wonderful cooperation and support that we have received over the years and look forward to the Ranch being able to continue to receive this service; we have earned it.

Each LMD uses property tax revenue from an assessment area and is required to spend those funds in the assessed area. The assessment area for SRLMD is the older part of the Ranch including all the homes and businesses south of the lake and the Legacy neighborhood. Funds are collected via property taxes and amount to about $75 per house per year.

If you are interested in the environment and making the Ranch a better place, call me at 566-6083. We always need new ideas and suggestions where we can focus our work. And, of course, we need to replace members who have departed.